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My name is Luke Nash-Jones. We are Make Britain Great Again.

We are cursed to have to walk the hedonistic streets of this modern hell-hole that some would call Dick’s Londistan, as is the name of the Queen of the Bobbies – this is the druglord and jihadi-infested valley of sin where Sadiq is the deity.

My homies and I despise the song of globalism, and thus adore the great wonder of the glorious God-Emperor Trump.

Therefore, with gratefulness we accepted our humble assignment: to Make Britain Great Again.

What do Luke and his crew of green frog adoring lunatics do for you?

We be those humble meme farmers that take on the great evil forces of darkness, even though Antifa and the Nazis would threaten us to kill.

We challenge the banksters who rape the world with evil business practices.

We call for an end to the ever continuing growth of the economic desert, those rustbelts across the North of England, Wales, and Scotland.

No longer will we tolerate the obliteration of our cultural identity and heritage by those Kalergi monsters and Sorosian snowflake squads.

Nor will we tolerate the shipping of our jobs to Chinese slave factories.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are Make Britain Great Again.

We are the thorns in the flesh.

Those loose cogs in the machine.

Those who will NEVER, even staring death in the face, yield to the Luciferian forces of evil.

Those who walk the path of light that Pepe showed us as we were surrounded by chaos.

Please support us, the brave few, fight the myriad of globalist parasites spewing hedonism in honour of their prophet Gramsci

Videos: This is a hollow, fleshly world of utter darkness and morally void, where the 1984-style thought-speak of the state-owned BBC, ITV and Channel 4 cesspits of cancerous hedonistic depravity fill minds with globalist propaganda.

We make the most dank spice-induced snowflake-triggering political-incorrect enlightening news reports many people have ever seen.

We tell the truth even when such pain is greater than you could ever imagine.

Death threats.
We even have been hacked by secret services.
But come what may, the British lion shall roar.

We shall keep telling you about the dangers of Chinese slave produce flooding our shores and putting you out of work.

We will oppose the sin of mass unskilled migration that drives wages back in direction of the suffering of the Victorian age.

We will demand the government stop the child rape gangs, the medieval crime that is FGM, and for the courts to hang jihadis and paedophiles.

Some videos that would make Pepe smile:

Please support us in the fight against the greatest evil mankind ever knew!

Rallies – woke people be those who dare to shout back at the Luciferian monster: I have organised rallies around Britain in Birmingham, Swindon, Telford, London, Manchester, Cardiff, and many other locations on topics such as:

– We want real Brexit …none of this half-job open-borders nonsense

– Bin Bolton – I ran the campaign to chuck that cuck that be Henry Bolton.

– Stop the Rape of Our Kids (in Telford!)

– Don’t Bomb Syria ….PUTIN IS A GOD

– Axe the TV Tax

Please support us to defend the pillars of Western civilisation

Websites: The Prince of Kekistan does manage a news blog for The RedPill Factory which tells you stories the newspapers don’t.

I also help patriots with running of a number of other spicy websites which you may already be a frequent visitor to.

Here be ze blog:

We are fighting back for YOU to be free!

Please support us to get our country back from the Sorosian forces!

£1 is all it takes to help Martini, Vicky, AC, Eduardo, other faithful associates of Pepe, and my politically incorrect self keep making spicy videos, producing dank news articles, thrashing out some sexy protest banners, imagining hot memes, and attending rallies with you.


Good people who have found the light, or wish to see even more, please support us to destroy the Luciferian globalist forces

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