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VENEZUELA CRISIS: US sending aid to Venezuela

During the current crisis in Venezuela whereby the opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself President of the country against the current ruler (the divisive Nicolas Maduro), the international community has sent foreign aid to the Latin American state, as per request on behalf of Guadio.

The aid scheme shall work by allowing the US to send foreign aid to neighbouring countries of which Venezuelans have fled to as a response to the major socio-economic problems, whose effects include hyperinflation, food shortages and increased crime (with its murder rate off the charts; with over 28k killed in a population of 31.1 million), and send the aid to collection centres. He wants the international community to send such aid to three points using this design, and then press the Venezuelan army to let said aid in.

Maduro has rejected such aid at this point, not only because he feels that the country has ‘never been nor are we a country of beggars’, and that it is a prelude for foreign intervention.

As part of a US response, US National Security Adviser John Bolton has talked about the issue on Twitter:

The international community is divided on the issue of Guadio being President, with the likes of the United States of America, Canada and most South American countries backing him, all the while the likes of Russia, China and Cuba backing Maduro. Others, like most EU countries and Guyana, call for new elections in the country.

Guadio claims his declaration has constitutional basis; Maduro rejects this, and has calls the action a coup, all the while Venezuela is further plunged in to crisis.

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