Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Nutty Remoaner STRIPS OFF to protest against Brexit

In another dose of insanity courtesy of the anti-Brexit, anti intellectual and completely elitist left, one remoaner has now taken to protest Brexit by going around naked.

This is no joke: one Dr. Victoria Bateman (an economic fellow at Cambridge University) has become a major protestor against Brexit, and has shown up to interviews (including that on John Humphrey’s BBC Radio 4 programme and on Good Morning Britain) completely nude. Why, you may ask? This is because she claims that it demonstrates how “Brexit Leaves Britain Naked”, something she happily embellishes across her naked body.

She has had a similar history of appearing naked for work and activism alike; back in 2014, she posed nude for a life-sized portrait for artist Anthony Connolly, of which was displayed at the Mall Galleries in London, of which she then posed naked while questions were asked to her, in particular those about the female body. Back in July 2016, she also became naked to oppose Brexit too, bearing the same statement on her bare body.

She also considers herself a feminist, and used such activism to talk about feminist issues surrounding female sexuality and nudity. So in other words, she is a typical elitist then; anti-Brexit, a feminist, from an elitist university, bashing Brexit on the grounds that Brexit is going to fail and that it wasn’t going to solve the real issues, like wage stagnation, housing shortages and the NHS problems (of which seems rather ignorant, given mass immigration from areas like the European Union depresses wages for working class workers, leads houses to become harder to obtain due to supply and demand, and allows health tourism to thrive). Are these people ever going to realise elitist and crass behaviour and attitudes like this is why they lost? Probably not, and the right can only gain from that. Not to mention that her virtue signalling moral high horse is undermined by her involvement in a sexual harassment case with her husband, as revealed by the Daily Mail, but never mind.

With Trump Derangement Syndrome already recognised as a legitimate mental condition in the United States of America (whereby triggered snowflakes are literally going insane over Donald Trump becoming President two years ago), one can only wonder if there is an UK equivalent over Brexit. This woman certainly proves it.

Watch her here on ITV‘s flagship breakfast show Good Morning Britain (if you can stomach it):

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