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BBC license fee to INCREASE

In the latest update, the BBC license fee is set to increase in the next month. This move is designated to keep the fee in line with increases in inflation. This is the second year in a row in which the fee has increased.

The increase is set to take place on April 1st this year, by £3.50. It is also in line with a yearly increase of the fee, of which last year’s one was the start of, and in turn the first time the fee was increased since 2010.

For colour TVs, the license shall now go up from £147 to £150.50 this year. Meanwhile, for black and white TVs, the fee increase shall not be as drastic, only going up by £1 to £50.50. On top of this, those with a free license fee, applicable to those over 75, shall see no increase.

At this point, those who choose to pay the fee can do it either in one lump sum, or set up a payment plan. TV Licensing (the government regulator of the license fee) is encouraging those who haven’t renewed their fee yet to do so, to do it before this increase, so that they don’t have to pay it immediately.

Now, TV Licensing has also defended its use of £1.7 million of the money paid to external PR agencies to promote this new charge.

As you know, us at the Red Pill Factory object to the license fee because it is an offence that sends you to prison if you don’t pay it. This is despite the fact that the broadcaster doesn’t represent the majority of its viewers, rejecting its supposed ‘impartiality’ for a left-wing, anti-Brexit propaganda service. Whether such outrageous decisions to increase the fee shall turn public opinion furtherly against the broadcaster is yet to be seen.

You can watch footage of our protests here:

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