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Corbyn’s student support SINKS over Brexit

In the latest survey by polling company Opinium for the youth wing of the People’s Vote campaign (known as For Our Future’s Sake), has found that over six months, student support over Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s handling over Brexit has sunken from a positive 13 rating to a negative 14 one.

According to a representative of the FOFS Kira Lewis, the reason for this is ‘painfully clear’ – many young Corbyn supporters ‘want Labour to back a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal, but if Labour and him enable Brexit, they are at risk of losing young supporters’.

Meanwhile, the same poll showed that similar feelings were echoed in Scotland – only 12% of people in the country approving his handling of Brexit, with 57% disapproving of it.

This is a sharp contrast from the support he has from his own being among such groups, most notably how he is the most popular politician among millennials according to YouGov with a 38% approval, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan (also of the Labour Party) coming in second, with a 30% approval rating.Whether this shall lead to Corbyn taking a harder line on Brexit or a potential People’s Vote is yet to be seen. However, it does show that among even some of his voting bloc, there is a loss of support over such crucial issues. This is a turning point. Whether this is the start of Corbyn losing support among a major supporting demographic is also yet to be seen.

We shall see.

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