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Why we are NOT the ‘Yellow Vests”

Without any doubt, the events in Paris have shook the international press and political commentators worldwide. Mainstream media has found it difficult to legitimise the ‘Gilet Jaunes’ or ‘Yellow Vests’ protests that spread from Paris to the rest of France and Brussels.

At first, the riots, burnt cars, and blocked roads- resulting from the mass protests of ordinary French citizens in response to Macron’s neoliberal economic policies- were immediately blamed on the “far right”. We know this is a rather fictitious label. The imaginary “fascist” is always present in the centre-left’s narrative, especially when the media is involved.

However, once the protests persevered and the climate created by the protesters in Paris resembled the one of the G8 of Genoa, Italy, back in 2001, it became harder for the BBC, Guardian and Le Monde to sell this to the public as a nationalist, far-right uprising. Simply because it wasn’t, and it became clear to everyone.

For those who are not aware; in 2001 the far-left “revolutionaries” from the Black Bloc in Genoa were supposedly waging a war against capitalism and globalisation. They disgracefully trashed an entire city, putting the lives of innocent citizens at risk, while the bankers and politicians they vilified were safe and comfortable in their own up-market homes far from the battle ground. Now, the ‘Yellow Vests’ are essentially doing the same.

They are nothing more than working class and lower middle class people fed up with taxation, who seem to be more interested in a slight rise in fuel price (decided upon by Macron’s government) rather than becoming a minority in their own nation by 2050. They ridiculously chose to focus their energies on combatting taxes, instead of the systematic cultural replacement happening in their country.

It is worthy to take into consideration that there are a wide range of people that joined the ‘yellow vests’, not just white French people, but also immigrants, unionists, hardcore leftists, etc.. Overall, what they represent is a sort of rebellion against the neo-liberal status quo. While this can be positive, we must be very cautious in not confusing left wing revolutionary aesthetics (burning cars and shops, complete chaos, breakdown of traditional order) with the reformist positions of the patriotic forces. France needs a reaction NOT a revolution.

This extremely plebeian phenomenon, where people feel obliged to wear a silly vest in order to make their voice voice heard, is nothing more than a number of highly organised anarchists, socialists and communists who mostly criticise Macron for all the wrong reasons. It’s really NOT about immigration and the ‘yellow vests’ are overrepresented by Melenchòn voters rather than by Le Pen voters.

While there is some truth to the piece that the BBC produced a few days ago, and we cannot deny that some nationalist groups have infiltrated the movement and made themselves noticeable by waving French flags around and singing ‘la Marsellaise’, we still cannot deny that this semi-uprising against the French state is not something that patriots and conservatives worldwide should be proud of.

On one hand, we have witnessed a brief emotional moment, accompanied by a noble sentiment, where the police forces took off their helmets in honour of some protesters singing the national anthem. On the other hand, the fact remains that these protesters have been exceedingly and unnecessarily violent against police officers that were just doing their job. These types of actions are cowardly, unpatriotic, and will never achieve anything positive.

After all this hysteria, Macron is still very much in charge of the French nation. A good way to take him out of the picture and create a more egalitarian society where worker rights are respected, would be to vote for Le Pen. The problem with these protesters is that a significant portion of them happily voted for Macron in 2017 and now they hypocritically decide to throw a fit because he is actually keeping his neoliberal promises on the economy.

The truth is that French Revolutions in the past have arguably ever brought anything good. However, Macron deserves this. Actually, the ‘yellow vests’ and Macron both deserve each other. After all, they are both products of the same decaying, vulgar and loathsome modern world. Next time, if you’re brave enough, do not revolt against fuel prices but revolt against the modern world.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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