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UKIP Poster Boy “Sargon Of Akkad” BACKED Jeremy Corbyn

Where did it all go wrong for “Sargon of Akkad”?

With the prominent controversy around Carl Benjamin’s (AKA Sargon Of Akkad) ‘depends on the child’ comment (and his rather laughable response to our team here at the Red Pill Factory – a refutation of it I am going to be giving you later on) not to mention him making major changes to his YouTube channel presumably as a response to that (by cancelling his weekly series This Week In Stupid and focusing on more occasional content as opposed to more frequent offerings), many are now reflecting on his work over the last half decade, and if you’re like myself, the main question probably is: where did it go wrong?

For someone like myself, of who used to enjoy and watch Sargon quite often, there are points where I can trace where it went downhill.

However I think the most specific point where it went wrong for Sargon was when he joined UKIP. To appreciate what a misjudged move this was, consider this. Up until this point, Sargon Of Akkad had never been party political, something of which I had respected very much. This was because it allowed him to be mostly impartial, and just take judgement and provide political criticism and analysis through more objective eyes, leaving it more balanced and arguably nuanced. He occasionally advocated support for political parties and figures in the past, like Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 and the Conservative Party back in the 2017 snap general election, but was never at least up until recently overzealous in his support for said platforms.

Now I am not one of those types of people who advocates that a journalist shouldn’t be a political party member. I would be a hypocrite in this regard, as I have been throughout my experience being a journalist and aide to the Red Pill Factory in three political parties myself, those being UKIP, For Britain and now the Conservative Party. That being said, I do still feel objectivity is key for any journalist, and one should avoid getting sucked in to partisan politics while doing journalism. Hence why any bias in media based on party support is a bad thing; it gives readers a skewed view on an issue and can make them avoid understanding it fully. Radio host Andrew Klavan discussed such problems in one of his PragerU videos, and he has a good point in that sense; political bias in reporting can lead to important stories being distorted and twisted and therefore becoming literally fake news. Hence why I always aim to be as objective as I can on this site, and had up until recently always appreciated Sargon’s non-partisan work.

This however was flushed down the toilet when he joined UKIP earlier this year. This move had made me rather furious and shocked; not only were UKIP seen as a dying party at that point, but it would also mean that the impartial nature of his content and his more objective outlook was immediately up in flames. No longer would he be a more balanced and nuanced voice discussing politics on the internet; now he would literally be a party political mouthpiece. This would inevitably mean that from now on his work would be biased towards certain positions and alienate many long-time viewers.

It would throw whatever intellectual honesty and balance he had once maintained out of the window; he was now a UKIP mouthpiece and would therefore only appeal to that specific audience of UKIP supporters and party members. As in Gerard Batten’s variation of UKIP, and the less said about that, the better. This would be different from the likes of Paul Joseph Watson, Count Dankula and Milo Yiannopoulos of who already had clearly defined political views and were prone to ideological standpoints already. Sargon however was different in that sense in that he was (again) meant to be objective, a mission statement admitted to in his YouTube channel trailer, whereby he admits that his main goal is to show off ‘rock-solid arguments backed up by reason, evidence and logic’ and that he is open to ‘changing his mind’. His About section on his YouTube channel reflects this too:

Sargon Of Akkad’s About section on his YouTube page, outlying his emphasis on objective ‘truth’ above anything else.

This is a mission statement that is almost impossible to carry out when directly in a political party. How can one offer arguments backed up by ‘evidence’ when said evidence doesn’t put his party in a good light? I would understand if he could do so if he was a minor member, but given that he is a flagship member of UKIP now, any arguments that would go against his party’s positions would surely hurt the party’s image and if Sargon wants to stay long term within the party, getting the sack for such behaviour isn’t exactly the smartest idea. And again, how he can he change his mind and be partisan while being a committed member of a party of who not only rely on unity, but in the case of UKIP have had its various divisions and infighting stop it from becoming a more prominent force in British politics? None of this is helped by how seemingly willing Sargon is to help out UKIP (especially with him running War Plan Purple, the party’s new social media outlet), and therefore such a lack of any defiance as of now means inherent bias to his party, undermining the purpose of his original mission statement. The fact that he claims in his channel trailer that he was ‘tired’ of ‘partisan politics where there is no attempt to compromise with the other side’ seem laughable given the current context of Sargon being a prominent UKIP member.

I am not alone on this. I have met those of who have similar enjoyed Sargon’s content but now because of this path he is choosing to take, are disappointed to say the least. This includes one friend of mine from the Liberalists UK of who admitted to me that he was similar disappointed that Sargon had joined UKIP and I cannot blame him; it not only puts Sargon into a corner politically, but inadvertently does so to his movement. Thankfully, Sargon has now left the Liberalists UK and hopefully they can have a more prosperous future based on objective reasoning and sound arguments without him. Him doing that to the group was pretty scummy to say the least. He is now a full-blown UKIP mouthpiece and therefore is clearly not worth watching if you want an objective look at current politics.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at his YouTube channels (including his secondary channel The Thinkery) to see how much UKIP had now dominated his platform, whether it be interviews with prominent members, promoting the party or old footage from the party like election campaign trailers for example:

UKIP orientated videos from Sargon Of Akkad’s primary channel.

UKIP orienated videos from Sargon Of Akkad’s secondary channel The Thinkery.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sargon’s seeming willingness to bend over to UKIP so to speak. So one major reason Sargon Of Akkad has gone off the deep end is his seemingly overnight conversion from objective political commentator to being partisan and a UKIP mouthpiece.

But even before this dancing with political partisanship, there were also times in the past whereby he had been dreadfully off base, and while at the time these individual incidents weren’t troublesome at the time, in hindsight they could give a fairly good understanding as to how intellectually lazy and worrying he often legitimately was. This included his bizarre mannerisms. Like that time he unironically dropped the n word in a private chat and condemned those in the chat for not behaving like ‘white people’ as white people are meant to be ‘polite’. He also made the same mistake that Owen Jones did when assuming incorrectly that Conservative tax cuts would lead to the then Tory Cabinet getting a £40k tax cut, but missed how none of the MPs make a £1 million a year, leaving it to be completely fruitless. He also frequently defended a Holocaust denier in the shape of David Aurini, of who stated that ‘there was no German plan to exterminate the Jews’ and that on the topic of Holocaust denial, ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’. Sargon himself has also been open about there being justification on the anti-Semitic Jewish Question. He also used the anti-Semitic Happy Merchant cartoon in some of his videos. He has worked with Neo-Nazis before like Michael Brooks. He has said that black Americans ‘unironically’ benefited from racism.

He also dumbly stated that journalist Melanie Phillips was the same as anti-Islam group Britain First because they both criticise radical Islam, and therefore he felt that the former shouldn’t criticise the latter when the latter was shared by American President Donald Trump. He also oddly supported Jeremy Corbyn and then radically changed his mind, bashing him at every opportunity. This level of legitimately worrying content and inconsistently not only suggests that he is playing to actual hate groups but also pandering to wherever the money goes in terms of political support. In that sense, he is like the British Stefan Molyneux: changing his political views depending on its financial viability, all the while having a cult like fanbase of who shall never accept criticism of your work.

Sargon Of Akkad in a comment underneath a video by Thunderf00t about Davis Aurini’s Holocaust denial, defending Davis.

A Sargon Of Akkad video using the anti-Semitic Happy Merchant cartoon.

One other aspect that has shown Sargon Of Akkad up is the fact that he has shown himself to be completely thin-skinned, if his laughable response to us or any of his critics implies. For us at the Red Pill Factory, all he could conjure up were endlessly puerile ad hominem slur attacks among other logical fallacies (‘you brainlet!’) and didn’t bother to address our central point in that he was endorsing paedophilia. Meanwhile, he was similarly lazy when it came to alt-right figure James Allsup. To state I am not a fan of pro-Richard Spencer and pro-Charlottesville protest James Allsup, but Sargon’s attacks on him were weak. He doubled down on the ‘depends on the child’ and ‘case by case’ comments, all the while failing to understand Allsup when he states about how bad the UKIP leadership are for going down the path of promoting the likes of Sargon. Sargon took that to mean they were chosen by UKIP instead of the other way round, clearly being a strawman argument. The day when one defends an alt-right freak like Allsup is a bad sign of Sargon’s bad debating skills. Not to mention his rather long responses to the likes of Thunderf00t and Kevin Logan, all of which seem to be nothing more than him genuflecting in his own ego. Not to mention his lazy critiques of the likes of Harmful Opinions among others. For a man ironically advocating for people to toughen up, he does have a very thin skin, doesn’t he?

In conclusion, my opinion of Sargon Of Akkad now is that while worth watching at one point has been dragged down by various means. Not only has his affiliations with UKIP brought his sense of objectivity into disarray, but his constant . He was one I used to watch gladly, but now looking back on it, it is clear he was much more style than substance, even if some of the substantial stuff was good enough for a while. He is nothing more than a British Stefan Molyneux; changes his opinions on a dime to appease a wider audience, all the while having a cult like fanbase who can’t accept criticism of him.

Us at the Red Pill Factory have already received quite a lot of backlash for daring to state this, of which should bode very badly for how cult-like his audience is. But consider this: as both Sargon and his new venture in UKIP slowly wane at some point, may I ask, is this the hill you want to die on politically, so to speak?

For all the vitriol and geysers of slime you throw at us for telling the truth, one may wonder whether it is all worth it in the end, given the very dubious character you back so dearly. Because, like in the classic 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz there is nothing magical behind the curtain, and the sooner you overly keen Sargon fans release this the better. If not, you are doomed to fail; endlessly defending this guy thick and thin, and there is no knowing he shall treat you well back. Don’t fall for his tricks and funny videos. Stand by something with substance. Kick the likes of Sargon Of Akkad into the long grass where they belong.

It shall do the political world and the internet at large a whole lot of good is all I’m saying.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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