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Three More MEPs QUIT UKIP: Nathan Gill, David Coburn and Paul Nuttall

Three more MEPs have resigned from UKIP: Nathan Gill, David Coburn and Paul Nuttall.

“UKIP has betrayed its members,” Mr Gill said. He served as Wales party leader from 2014 to 2016, and was an AM until he quit at the end of 2017.

In a letter to party chairwoman Kirstan Herriot, Mr Gill said: “I can no longer belong to a party that has switched its primary focus from Brexit, to a foolish pursuit against Islam and the promotion of Tommy Robinson.”

He said the party was “giving ammunition to the Remainers by insisting on this association with Tommy Robinson”.

Mr Nuttall said it was a ‘catastrophic error’ to put Tommy Robinson ‘front and centre’ while Brexit is still being played out. He said he fears the decision will appal moderate Brexit voters, and be detrimental to the process of leaving the EU.

A statement released by Mr Nuttall on this morning read: “After much soul-searching over the past week, I have concluded that I must, as of today, resign as a member of UKIP.”

“I do this with an immense amount of reluctance and regret, as I have worked tirelessly for the party for the past fourteen years.”

Ukip’s leader in Scotland has quit the party and accused its national leadership of promoting anti-Islamic policies and English nationalism.

David Coburn said that the appointment of Tommy Robinson as a special adviser was too much and that the far-right activist held too much sway over the party’s national leaders.

In a letter to Kirstan Herriot, Mr Coburn said that he no longer felt that his liberal values were being properly reflected. “As a unionist, I abhor English nationalism as much as I abhor Scottish nationalism,” the MEP said. “The party has been infiltrated by people with an alternative agenda, which is not the one on which I stood when I was elected”.

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