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The Truth: Left-wing Politicians Seek Racial Tension

Identity politics are enough to put one in a bad mood.

I should know that for sure. After spending a mostly enjoyable day in the lovely Cornish town of St. Ives during a recent family holiday mainly through playing various fun arcade games like Bandai Namco’s Dark Escape 4D, one incident got my blood boiling rather quickly. I along with others in my family, went into a local bookshop, and one eye-catching title I came across was Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge. I was immediately infuriated.

Beyond how its legitimately racist title, other aspects of it rather angered me. Opening it up to see the likes of actress Emma Watson and many quotes from progressive outlets (and admittedly some right wing leaning outlets that oughta know better) opining endless praise onto it (clearly not because the book was any good but to avoid accusations of racism).

Whizzing through its notes section in the back made me notice how it cited an Instagram post by Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, something of which I thought was rather odd for a major book from a professional publishing house to do so. It looked so odd and amateurish and more than anything else, spoke of a publication written by someone of a generation who bases their sources on Instagram and other social media posts, and not books or anything sophisticated like that. By someone who was more bothered about social justice than being academic and lacked a respect for any sort of high standards. And to think, I was off on conservative commentator Mark Dice doing this by citing Twitter posts in his 2017 book The True Story Of Fake News (even though it was probably obvious whose was better in terms of quality).

But why did it anger me so much, I wondered?

It is clearly because it was such a blatant example of race baiting. To those uninitiated, race baiting is an action of which is meant to encourage racism or to exploit racial issues, usually for political gain. And before you leftie idiots (of who are often guilty of race baiting hence why you hate the charge being thrown at you) claim I am simply using urban slang (ironically enough) instead of serious political talk, I am not. This is a term actually defined by the likes of the official Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries, the definitions of which you can find here and here respectively.

So while one may not be familiar as to what the term means, we have seen various examples of it in recent years. The endless complaining about slavery and empire from the left, insinuating that the West has been built and is sustained by ‘institutional racism’ and the endless media pontificating of dangerous far-left and alt-left groups with a racial agenda like Black Lives Matter and Stand Up To Racism are designed to make one feel guilty over their race, and any objection to this is dismissed as simply racism and that the person involved is to check their ‘white privilege’ so to speak.

This is despite the fact that many of these arguments (once held up to scrutiny) don’t hold up against the facts. Often specific facts about slavery are (like the fact that the British Empire was the first major superpower to abolish the slave trade and the dreadfully barbaric Barbary slave trade, of which also affected many black groups, including many Africans) omitted from the debate, because they undermine the narrative of the West being evil, hence why only certain aspects of such a period (often exaggerated to boost their poor arguments, surprise surprise) are put forward.

There is no proof that the West was developed and is kept alive by racism of any kind. Dangerous groups like Black Lives Matter and Stand Up To Racism similarly push propaganda over fact, and their tactics are more equitable with the likes of Antifa, the French yellow vests and other violent lunatics, and are no more racist in their ideology than their far-right and alt-right counterparts like the Ku Klux Klan, the National Front, the British National Party and Generation Identity.

But why would one push such narratives you may ask?

Well, there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, it was because a lot of the people pushing for this are themselves personally bitter and taking their anger out on society. Similar to how the villain in a cheap slasher movie is angry because they were bullied as a kid and are now killing people to take out their revenge, race baiters often are taking out bitterness culminated by legitimately horrible and racist acts committed against them to make the rest of society feel ashamed and guilty for that suffering, and they then feel better knowing that they have taken out their issues on someone else and made them feel as sad they had done previously.

Don’t take my word for it however; race baiters often admit this during interviews, and I highly doubt they do it by accident. University of Birmingham scholar Kehinde Andrews (you know, the one who disgracefully suggested British sports stars should take a knee to the national anthem like their American counterparts and who claimed the England flag was racist and needed changing) admitted in a debate about the St. George’s Cross that as a child he and his family were bullied and harassed by the National Front. The author Ta-Neishi Coates was physically abused by his father as a child. Rapper Akala described a tough childhood, of which included racism, recently.

Such trauma, while undeniably reprehensible, has been used as a springboard to make everyone else around them feel guilty. That is disgusting. But it makes the race baiters and the progressive press feel better, right?

Secondly, it also comes out of envy, about how racial communities are not doing well, so to speak. This in turn instils a hatred for other races supposedly better off, not helped by the MSM pushing such garbage constantly (isn’t that what Hitler did to the Jews?).

Thereby endless hatred towards Western civilisation and its people is constantly espoused, and it helps the so called representatives of these groups feel better by bashing other cultures… all the while not improving the situation for their own. While endlessly banging on about how one hates Western culture, they see no solutions, simply because it is easier to destroy such a culture than to create a healthy one for your own community.

We see this with the likes of Munroe Bergdorf and Caroline Elkins of who base their hatred on Western Civilisation in that it is oppressive because they are better off, hence their exaggerated arguments against it. It is meant to drive the idea of original sin against the Western world, all the while doing nothing to aid those outside of it. It is a smokescreen, pure and simple.

Thirdly, it is also about undeniably self-hatred. If the likes of Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal identifying themselves as black (despite them being clearly whiter than snow) prove anything, it is that the idea of being white for whatever reason is frowned upon, usually because people hate themselves.

These individuals usually push this self-hatred by sharing how much hatred they have for their own race, to make themselves feel better by identifying with a different group.

All the while these idiots get the inevitable dopamine hits to feel better by getting social media and progressive political brownie points for doing so. This hatred in turn is also shared by others in said racial community to further make these people feel better. In short, it is clear self consoling and nothing more.

Fourthly, it is because it inevitably creates a race to the bottom whereby people from minority groups who swallow such garbage narratives are constantly in a state of doubt and hatred and never attempt to reach to the top because they feel that the world is against them.

This of course is frankly nonsense, but at the same time, it does aid those in the public sphere by keeping their jobs in tow. The likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are good examples of this; pushing this idea that things shall never get better for minority groups, and hence keep those narratives alive to maintain their careers. Others like filmmaker Ava DuVernay arguably fall under this umbrella too.

Finally, it is (of course) about political power. By pushing such bogus narratives and keeping people in a cycle of dependency and anger and not encouraging to help themselves, political parties and politicians often bring up the past and use idiotic narratives to push their points.

We saw this numerous times during Democrat Presidential Candidate at the time Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and in 2012, most notably with his then Vice President Joe Biden disgracefully threatening that a vote for the Republican Party would put black Americans ‘back in chains’.

Meanwhile various politicians like Great Britain’s Diane Abbott and the USA’s Maxine Waters also push such narratives to create sympathy with those in their respective communities of who have been brainwashed by this nonsense to create a permanent voting bloc for them.

Case in point, Abbott’s recent insinuating that Prime Minister Theresa May was racist against black Britons because of the Windrush scandal. These people do not care for their communities but their power. Divide and conquer and all that.

So in short, race baiting is clearly nothing more than a dumb strategy only used to serve emotional and political gains. If the West is to survive in a healthy state, it cannot ideologically support such ideas and back such people.

Thankfully, it does seem that we are at a crossroads with this stuff. It seems like more and more people are ready to criticise such people, most notably with the backlash against the likes of Diane Abbott MP’s ‘white people love playing divide and rule comments’ (whereby a Conservative MP stating that she would have gotten fired for her behaviour if she was a white MP) being a good start in Great Britain of this attitude. While not being fired, the fact that people were less than thrilled with Abbott’s comments suggest that there is a growing hostility to idiotic and racist comments like that.

Meanwhile, the whole ‘white privilege’ genre of video that use to exist on YouTube (that was pushed out by the likes of the cancerous Buzzfeed and MTV News) is now dead, with the infamous
‘New Years Resolutions for White Guys’ going down like a lead balloon, having to be taken down by MTV News to save the company’s embarrassment. Finally, the support of Black Lives Matter is now seemingly dead, most notably through its attempts to go international have often backfired embarrassingly.

This most noticeably comes with the UK branch, whereby after a failed attempt to launch a clear message (going from BLM’s bread and butter in non-existent police brutality to supposedly racist climate change) and a lack of support led them to fade into the background and become only a slogan on the equally contemptable Stand Up To Racism’s campaign material and signs.

To conclude, race baiters are an utter cancer on Western society, and the sooner we can kill it off, the better.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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