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Shun the Toffee-Nosed, Sun-Dried Tomato-Eating, Middle-Class Guardianista Kids

With the various populist right victories across the world over the past few years, one can only wonder how we have managed to pull it off. Given all the leftie hysteria surrounding such victories (not to mention the vast amount of control they have over many aspects of the public sphere, like the media and the culture) one could only imagine that such victories were bad things before they happened and impossible, hence the utter shock by the leftie establishment when such results came to pass.

This can only be the result of how the left (mainly through culture and politics) has managed to dominate our way of life to the point where any dissent is seen as heresy, even if more recent political turmoil in recent years has thrown that into doubt considerably.

But this takeover from the left cannot be blamed solely at their feet; the mainstream right deserves a large part of blame for this. It was clearly not done with malice I can appreciate, but the endless concessions we have made to appease the left have done considerable damage on our own turf, and has made us weak both externally and internally. In the following article, I shall outline why this cannot continue.

Firstly, us endlessly appeasing the left has made us inevitably look weak and growth the strength on behalf of our opposition, allowing them to become a far stronger force as a result. The supposed right-wing parties of the Anglosphere constantly pandering to the left with their policies (such as Harold Macmillan’s Conservative government increasing public spending and George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind policy standardising American education to benefit all students) has not benefited us conservatives in any meaningful why.

We are let down as conservative minded voters, all the while the left are satisfied, but are willing to stab such parties in the back whenever they are displeased, simply because they are more bothered by wanting their guy in power than the other.

Meanwhile the fear of conservative commentators and politicians to attack the left when it comes to them relying on any taboo and non-PC subject (like mass immigration or radical Islamic grooming gangs) to push their points may make such people look good in the evening news and not do too much damage to our bunch so to speak, but it makes us look weak and shows how unwilling we are to fight or engage in the political or cultural wars.

Not to mention, given that the left usually throws such lazy ad hominem attacks like racist and xenophobic at us for ever daring to slightly challenge this orthodoxy, being civil is not exactly the greatest option. As YouTube conservative commentator Micah Curtis said, ‘that doesn’t win anyone over’ because the said leftist ‘called you a racist’ of which is ‘insane’. Pandering to the left through policy initiatives does nothing for us as they still shall hate us any way because we are their enemy and any pandering shall do us no good in that sense.

Meanwhile, given that their side is laced with numerous contradictions, pandering to it can only get us nowhere real fast as it lacks logic and therefore reason, leaving us vulnerable to constantly veer down this stupid rabbit hole with no purpose. Let us look at their various contradictions.

They hate discrimination of any kind – unless it is against the supposedly privileged straight white cis gender man, of which it is perfectly fine to spread the worst kind of bile against, because they are privileged, right?

They hate the idea of the nation state and believe we should have open borders – but then advocate for the state of Palestine endlessly, all the while appreciating the various African, Asian and Latin American countries having borders and customs because they were formerly colonised. It is also why they hate the idea of countries like Great Britain having independence from bodies like the European Union, all the while hating the fact that our former colonies were once not independent from our rule.

They hate Israel for the non-existent apartheid they supposedly enforce on the Palestinian people, complain about them not having a state of their own and the non-existent genocide committed against the Palestinians – all the while ignoring these issues when other countries do the same thing, and often the charge is far more legitimate.

They ignore how the disgraceful Indian caste system is more similar to apartheid than anything Israel does, as various journalists discuss. They ignore how communist China denies the right of the legitimate country of Taiwan to exist, all the while illegally occupying Tibet, because of ideological sympathy.

Meanwhile, they happily ignore the genocide in Darfur in Sudan, the ethnic cleansing campaigns against white farmers in both Zimbabwe and South Africa, not to mention other nastiness galore around the world. The reasons of this are quite sinister, as journalist Melanie Phillips explains.

They hate greed and class division and therefore hate capitalism for endorsing it – all the while supporting an ideology of which encourages far more greed and class division, difference being this is at the expense of the public purse.

They hate the anti-science of the right when it comes to climate change – all the while happily pushing the anti-scientific theories of there being more than two genders, hating genetically modified organisms and pushing alternative medicine, with the likes of Bill Maher and Oprah Winfrey being the worst offenders in this sense, according to Skeptoid.

Meanwhile, some go one step further to push dangerous anti-vaccination myths, like the aforementioned Maher and Robert De Niro, of who initially endorsed the anti-vaccination documentary Vaxxed by the discredited Andrew Wakefield by giving it a premier slot at his Tribeca Film Festival, before pulling it after consultation. Conservative commentator Lauren Southern explains this in greater detail.

They hate extremism – unless it is their side perpetuating it, hence why they defend the likes of Occupy Wall Street, Antifa and Stand Up To Racism.

They want people to be more inclusive to other people and cultures – all the while living in some of the most homogenous areas of their society imaginable, often in nice middle class homes or gated mansions if they are celebrities.

They hate the right for supposedly hurting the working class – all the while forcing globalism and open borders on the working class, and often smearing them as racist and xenophobic when they vote against them.

They hate media bias – unless of course it is their position they are biased to, because it boosts their position. Radio host Andrew Klavan explains this hypocrisy perfectly.

And of course, they promote open-mindedness and progressivism – all the while being the most close-minded and regressive people imaginable.

These attitudes make it hard for them to have a consistent base or logic, hence why trying to appeal to them endlessly shall do us no good, since their ever-changing positions mean that we shall never evolve as a political movement as we try to keep up.

Meanwhile, given their embracing of more radical elements these days, most notably the likes of terrorist group Antifa (of who have been classified as so by the New Jersey Home Department), we on the right can no longer seriously appease.

Not only shall such moves on their side make them unpopular in the long run, it shall also do us no good to concede anything with them. This is a cultural war, and they have drawn their violent battle lines. Crossing them to appease a group of which is happy to embrace extremist elements are not ones worth bothering with. This makes them out to be psychotic and not willing to compromise, hence why we should give them no respect in that manner.

Also, on a more serious note, constantly appealing to the left on our side does no good for many voters, many of whom can never find a legitimate way out of a two-party system, and are therefore left alienated and rightfully bitter about such a lack of representation.

This is not only saddening but also dangerous; far right parties have been able in the past to exploit such fearful voters to push their own electoral success. The British National Party are a good example of this; while for most of the party’s existence they were relegated to fringe politics, throughout the 2000s, they had a solid run, culminating with them winning 2 MEPs and nearly a million votes in the 2009 European Parliament elections. These voices should not be ignored to make us look good in front of toffee-nosed, sun dried tomato eating, middle class Guardianista kids, as these votes could be gobbled up by legitimately far right parties, of which when such forces do get into power, they shall not be so open to appeasement as the left sneakily are.

On a final note, actual conservatism in the more recent decades has earned much support from the voting public, leaving any need to appease the left null and void. Take for example how many spectators discuss how Enoch Powell arguably won the Conservatives the 1970 general election because of his increased popularity and exposure, most notably after his 1968 Rivers Of Blood speech, of which addressed very real fears of mass immigration among the British public. It was estimated that as many as 2.5 million votes for the Tories came from Powell’s popularity. As Tony Benn stated during that election:

Enoch Powell has emerged in some senses as the real leader of the Conservative Party in this campaign. But for those that doubt this, the final proof of Powell’s power is that [Edward] Heath dare not attack him publicly, even when he says things that disgust decent conservatives.

Benn, 1970.

Meanwhile, during the 1980s, the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan (even though it is debatable as to how conservative they really were) at least gave for many something truly conservative and nationalistic to latch on to, hence the huge vote share and popularity they maintained for years, and kept the political left out for a long time to come. Victories like the Falklands War for the former and the economic boom for the latter also helped to maintain pride in the United Kingdom and the United States in this sense too.

Also, with the rise and popularity of the likes of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump among others doing well when it comes to elections and referendums, it is clearly true that conservatism is popular and here to stay. Hence why we do not need to embrace the left; conservatism and right wing politics work fine on their own and don’t need the left’s help to water it down to win elections.

So that is why we on the right can no longer appease the left. By the left, I do not mean the social democrats or typical centre left types, of who are equally as fed up with the craziness of the left these days and share more ideological ground with us than we would think. Having met some of them, I know this is the case. Helping these people and allying with them is not the problem; doing so with nutty lefties is. Between their never ending hatred of us, their hypocrisy, embracing of radical elements, alienating voters of who may turn to more extreme options and the success of conservatism in recent decades, there is no good reason to appease them anymore. We should not appease a group of who have done such a good job of watering down true conservatism that nowadays, lefties see neoliberalism (with a sprinkling of pathetic Ayn Rand objectivist nonsense) as actual conservatism (hence why many lefties confuse the left wing Tony Blair as a right winger because of his ocxasional flirtations with neoliberal economics – this was despite the other left wing economic reforms he initiated, most notably an increase in welfare spending) and those who embrace true conservatism as far right or dictatorial, as we have seen with the likes of Trump and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. We need to stop this now. To quote Ronald Reagan freedom is ‘never more than one generation away from extinction’.

These are words we must bear in mind strongly as we move on, and we must heed them well before we dare to start to appease the left ever again.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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