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Secret ‘LIQUID WEAPON’: French Police ‘capable of neutralising Yellow Vest protesters even if they are wearing masks’

FRENCH cops have reportedly developed a secret liquid “stun” gun capable of taking out hardcore rioters – ahead of any more violent protests.

It’s been claimed if sprayed at mobs of Yellow Vest protesters the disabling weapon would “stop them clean, putting people down, even with masks.”

The reports come after traditional tear gas and water cannons failed to stop thousands of fuel protesters causing chaos in the French capital.

EU Army Tanks on French Streets

Marianne news magazine cites police sources who say armoured vehicles were equipped with the brutal weapon during the Day of Rage riots but officers were under orders only to unleash it as a “last resort.”

Each water weapon can spray an incapacitating liquid which would have “neutralised” a surface the size of several football fields, it’s claimed.

“Fortunately, we did not get there,” said the source before claiming the Gendarmerie Nationale in Paris had equipped its armoured vehicles with the secret “stun” weapon in a case of an “ultimate overflow.”

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