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MADNESS: German State Hires Hookers to Stop Fake Refugees Raping Girls

The city of Cologne is notorious for shocking rape statistics in 2015 and 2016, where during New Year’s Eve celebrations fake refugees have shown gratefulness for German hospitality by destroying many European women.

The German state’s response is to hire 250 prostitutes to satisfy the vicious sexual lust of fake refugees from North Africa and Arabia.

In addition to the now common additional security measures such as better lighting, a stronger police presence and security zones for women, there is now another innovation. “Since we do not want to be constantly referred to as racists and xenophobes, because the police groups of young migrants not in the party mile, we have decided an additional measure,” said a spokeswoman for the city of Cologne to the news agency FNA.

“We hired 250 prostitutes from Cologne and the surrounding area to offer their services free of charge to young immigrants all night from 9 pm to 6 pm,” she explained. “Each of the women receives an expense allowance of 2,500 euros, as well as a travel allowance of 500 euros for directions, food, drinks, condoms and the like.”

During the course of the day, poster stands will be set up all over the site, in Arabic, pointing out that the German taxpayer is funding prostitution services for fake refugees who show such thankfulness for the German people taking them in, by raping their daughters.

“As well as distributing appropriate leaflets through the police and city officials to potentially interested immigrants, listing the locations of the prostitutes. ” With this, the City Hall hopes to minimise the number of sexual assaults during New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city.

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