Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Farage says May still isn’t safe from pro-Brexit rebels

In light of Theresa May’s survival in this week’s no-confidence vote, Nigel Farage is less than convinced that she will secure any major changes from the European Union on the Brexit deal.

The former UKIP leader quit his old party earlier this month in protest at its current path.

On Wednesday night, 200 Conservative MPs voted in favour of Theresa May continuing as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, winning her the majority she needed, despite the vast swathes of grassroots members and citizens disagreeing with her premiership.

May headed to Europe once again this week in a last-ditch attempt to secure changes to the Brexit deal.

As it stands, the deal in its current form is very unlikely to get through Parliament and could risk the government facing a motion of confidence put forward by Labour and the other opposition parties.

Farage spoke to Sky News and said pretty much what every Brexiteer is thinking.

He said: “I still don’t think she’s safe. I also get the sense when she goes back to London tomorrow from here it’s going to be a further humiliation. She’s going to get nothing out of this meeting tonight.

“She makes no progress tonight here in terms of getting her deal through Parliment. The options are beginning to close. I think amongst that 37% the mood to ditch her is not going to go away.”

Farage has also insisted he may be forced to create a new political party, one which would be bigger than UKIP, if Brexit is not delivered by the 29th March.

Just imagine that Britain left the EU and really prospered because of it, how many other nations would want to follow. Then the EU would potentially collapse, no wonder they don’t want to play ball, they’re terrified!

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