Crime: Druglord and Jihadi Alleys of Dick's Londonistan

Family Returns to Norway Due To Brum Knife Crime

A family who emigrated from Norway to Birmingham just four months ago are considering returning after being stunned by the levels of crime.

A 18-year-old teenager was shot in the back in Sladefield Road at the junction of the Alum Rock roundabout at 11.10pm, on Wednesday.

Father-of-six Hassan Umar, aged 34, said: “We often see people dealing drugs in the street and now this.

His wife, Farhiyo Umar, 32, said they were happy in Norway but came to the UK to join her husband’s brother, who has lived here for 24 years. She said: “Hassan now works as a bus driver and is very happy.

“But we have to think of our children and if it’s a safe place for them.”

This morning, the area which would have been bustling with shoppers, commuters and children waking to school was quiet.

The owner of a mobile phone shop gave his name as Rav and said crime was affecting trade.

Volunteers from the Alum Rock Community Forum have taken it upon themselves to rid the area of crime and make it a better place for locals.

Unfortunately a spokesperson said shootings have become the norm. He said: “Lots of residents are scared.

“They are feeling desperate and vulnerable. At the same time, there’s a lack of police presence.

“The only bit of hi-vis you see around the area is parking attendants.

“We are waiting for the next one. There is a lack of surprise that another shooting happened.”

Concerns are rising that Birmingham will follow the model of London that has seen unprecedented levels of crime where it is widely felt that the police have lost control of the streets.

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