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FAKE NEWS: Snopes CAUGHT LYING about the GOP and Obamacare

The lies of the left truly know no bounds. In a recent embarrassment, fact-checking website Snopes has been caught lying about a meme about Republican Congressmen in the United States and Obamacare.

To those uninitiated, Snopes is a fact-checking website of which checks popular stories and memes to see how legitimately honest they are. In the past, they had a strong reputation for reporting the truth and debunking silly at best and dangerous at worst rumours spread around the internet.

However, like other US-based factchecking websites (most notably Politifact), it has become a source of left-wing anti-Trump propaganda during the 2016 Presidential election and beyond, with Trump Derangement Syndrome (of which is a legitimate mental illness) seemingly bringing out the worst in even the most sensible people and organisations.

In this case, a specific meme exposed anti-Trump and anti-Republican bias on the site.

The meme that started the controversy, asserting that Republican politicians in the picture with a cross on their faces had been voted out.

This image was spread widely on social media. This was despite the fact that this image has been debunked by many figures on both the right and the left, mainly through how the crosses that were placed on the people in the photo included those who were not in Congress at all (like health policy consultant Seema Verma), those who didn’t run (like US Representative Steve Pearce) and those (most embarrassingly) who have since been re-elected (like US Congressmen Doug Lamborn and Tim Walberg).

It was so blatantly inaccurate that even the original poster of the meme (Nicholas Kitchel, an operative for the Democrat Party) retracted his statement and apologised for the error:

However, this didn’t stop Snopes from stating that the meme was ‘true’, on the grounds that the identities of the people in the image were hard to discern and that the amount of Congressmen crossed out in the original picture was the amount of anti-Obamacare Republicans that lost in the 2018 midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the site even went as far as to downplay Trump’s steady victory in said midterms, discussing how the Democrats took back the House of Representatives and that despite the Republican’s gaining more House of Senate seats, certain seats (like Arizona and Nevada) switched to the Democrats. This failing is so notorious now that Snopes had to update the article to save face, discussing the fact that a tweet cited in the article had ‘discerned’ the identities of the people in the image.

So there we go. Another factchecking site pushing anti-Trump bias, all the while taking its trusting readers on a ride by supposedly telling the truth.

And to think Facebook are using this site as one to check when factchecking news stories shared on the network…

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