Crime: Druglord and Jihadi Alleys of Dick's Londonistan

Britain to ARM police officers to STOP London knife crime

The British state has a responsibility, that is to protect the right for safety and sanctity of life of its citizens. Anyone can tell us that knife crime and regular street violence on London streets needs to be tackled by deploying armed police in areas where ‘gang activity is likely’, it does not take a genius.

However, the real issue here is that the average worried Londoner who reads the Telegraph, Guardian or Independent does not seem to understand the scale of state security measures we need, to tackle this issue on a serious level. Our politicians certainly have a scarce understanding, and will always have a scarce understanding of what the real threat is.

Very questionable figures like Mayor Sadiq Khan and Tottenham MP David Lammy seem to be overly concerned about safeguarding the less relevant rights of these youngsters who commit atrocious crimes around London, rather than defending the “good ol’people” who work every day and pay their taxes. Those taxes unfortunately go to a state that has vastly cut on expenditure for police forces. Although in different degrees, both Conservatives and Labour are to be blamed for this.

Of course when one reads on Twitter, that Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has criticised the Police – for using their vehicles to moderately clash with criminals who escape on bikes and motorcycles – what great hope can one have of the current political class?

The left, especially, purposely ignores the problem of crime, because acknowledging it would not fall in line with their ideals of extreme egalitarianism and multiculturalism. The latter clearly because Abbott and others know very well that statistics point to the fact that most of the people involved with knife crime and acid attacks in London are unfortunately ethnic minorities.

On the other side of the spectrum, the mainstream right tends to fail to address the issue adequately for fear of getting called out as “racist” or to be accused by the ultra-Libertarian Tory wings of giving too much power to the state. For those specific agents of the right, the state cannot ever barely even have a role that it is already dismissed as too big and assertive.

This is precisely the problem, we need the state to be strong on these security matters, and what we are doing currently is not enough. However, with candidate Shaun Bailey running for Mayor soon our hopes can slightly increase as he has made promises during his campaign to deliver on this aspect.

The most popular and relevant police officer in the country, Cressida Dick, has stated that Scotland Yard is looking at whether armed police should be deployed in specific areas of the capital. However, she has stressed how this might cause “controversy”.

What she is most likely referring to is the fury of raging Labour MPs, a bunch of North London hipsters or a few LSE or SOAS students brainwashed by political correctness. The truth is that protests (which there will likely be), are something that should be in the back of officers’ minds. The majority of Brits do not give a damn about supposed “controversy”. They want the “Old Bill” on the road. Not only in rough areas like Seven Sisters but in affluent ones like South Kensington as well.

As a matter of fact, we need as many police officers as possible, at all times. And HEAVILY ARMED. In addition, we need them to use as much force as they believe is necessary to stop these bad men. We are after all, in a deep social crisis. Let us give them more freedom to act with less severe consequences. This is how things slowly change and develop themselves; we need to have these horrendous gangsters start fearing the state again.

Londoners will survive this, but they have to change their mentality and how they perceive state authority. However, before this happens the authorities need to change the way they perceive themselves. This isn’t a game anymore, if it doesn’t happen by their own volition it will happen inevitably when more violence breaks out – and then it will be too late. Too late to “Make Britain Safe Again”. 39,000 offences recorded in one year are already far too high. The state must intervene NOW or it will have blood on its own hands.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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