Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Bass War breaks out in the Channel with ‘biggest ever invasion’ of French fishing boats

British trawlermen have threatened to start ‘stoning’ French crews after the ‘biggest ever invasion’ of trawlers in British waters.

The conflict was sparked when around 16 French fishing crews brazenly swept in to catch sea bass just metres from the UK shore over the weekend.

But the aggressive angling has led to further Anglo-French water tensions which could lead to a repeat of scenes earlier this year.

Local fisherman Derek Meredith, 50, said his crews were ready to defend the British coastline and would start ‘stoning’ French crews.

He said: ‘We’re going to start stoning them in a minute, why should we allow them in our waters if they don’t let us in theirs?

‘Kick them out to their side of the channel, we can have our side and they can have theirs.’

The scallop wars saw violent clashes which led to flares and rocks being thrown on board trawlers earlier this year.

UK fishermen say the latest attacking move off Cornwall was made while British boats were moored up due to the bad weather.

Is this a distraction? Or have these ships been sent by the French Government or others, to offer a distraction, and create a new battle, and to also distract us from the UN Global Migration Pact and Brexit?

We are also hearing from a video circulating by an EU MEP that the push for an EU army is in high gear.

Let’s pick our battles wisely and avoid fighting the wrong people or the wrong agenda…

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