Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

WHOOPS! May’s Brexit Betrayal Exposed By EU Top Boy Barnier

Duplicity and Double-Talk: The Deal, Security Partnership, Customs Union and Cherry Picking

It was revealed this week by a protesting Msr Barnier that despite her continued claims to the contrary, and many explanations of why she shouldn’t, that it was in fact Theresa May who requested that a customs union should “form the basis of the future relationship” between the EU and UK post Brexit.

The only reason we found out was because she was outed by a confused EU counterpart, annoyed that he was being accused of bullying her into the decision, which it is now clear could not be further from the case.

The truth is, as it turns out, and as the supposed cynics have long been saying, that our dear leader has been talking out of both sides of her mouth the entire time. Through the fog of doublespeak, the shadowed betrayal and deceit gradually began to take form.

The sidelining of David Davis and the then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, in favour of a less accountable civil servant Ollie Robins, the Brexit Secretary’s ultimate resignation in protest, and now that of his successor Dominic Raab, through to the apparent all but abolition of the post, or at least reframing of the role, revealed that Brexiteers in cabinet were being used as a fig leaf at best, to conceal the Government’s true intentions, to leave in name only, by seeking to appease leave voters with a few token gestures, or as the EU refers to it, cherry picking.

It gradually filtered through that the cherry picking complaints had nothing to do with passporting for financial services, trade in general, or any other stated objectives of HMG, but were a consequence of their trying to remain in all but name. A leaked diplomatic note from the Commission to Member States’ Ambassadors went so far as to say that the EU would “retain all the controls” over our regulations as part of what the Mogg aptly described as less of a deal than a surrender.

All of this became increasingly obvious when the EU side, increasingly nervous of a market reaction, to which (according to the Telegraph’s highly respected Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) they are becoming increasingly and “acutely vulnerable”, offered us Canada-plus, plus plus, or “Super-Canada”, as Boris calls it.

Due to a growing risk of recession in the Eurozone, the open conflict between Italy’s populist Government and the EU institutions over their budget, alongside Greece’s latest woes, the entire financial system of mainland Europe is looking increasingly precarious.

There was a slightly odd non-reaction to this offer, that seemed ostensibly to have come from out of the blue. While Nigel Farage and others were calling for Theresa to “bite their arm off”, she was strangely quiet, and now we know why.

It would hardly seem unreasonable to call her “the most duplicitous leader in modern history”, when the omnishambles of the Brexit negotiations has been clearly shown to be the result of a Prime Minister determined to appear to be doing one thing while doing another.

The deathly silence from politicians and the media on the issue of PESCO, and our continued participation in the process of European military integration, despite our vote to leave the bloc, has been a massive red flag throughout the entire process, but people can be forgiven for not knowing or noticing, since the topic is apparently verboten, despite warnings from very high ranking retired commanders of our armed forces, such as those comprising Veterans For Britain.

Such warnings have gone largely unreported, although the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove did try to explain to the BBC at some length how intelligence sharing with EU Member States is done on a bilateral basis, is largely one way traffic, and certainly not through the sieve of Brussels.

It is in fact our reliance on UK media and English language sources, at least those of us not sufficiently fluent in the requisite number European languages, that has allowed this charade to continue for so long.

The narrative of an intractable EU forcing UK concessions is a dangerous half-truth, has been actively perpetuated by journalists as much as politicians; the Government has only succeeded in running down the clock thus far with the active collusion, and willing participation of large swathes of the mainstream media. The Fourth Estate, upon which we all rely to hold the Government to account, has been judged, and found wanting.

As we enter the final weeks and months of the Article 50 period, this wall of silence and quiet acquiescence is beginning to crumble and crack, as concurrently the Government position, or at least that of the PM, is being assailed from all sides.

The Mogg rebellion may have proved a false start but was by no means counterproductive, there are now rebels in the open, inside and outside the Cabinet, a variety of strategies are being employed to bring pressure to bear upon a Government facing risk of collapse, from not only dissenting Tory MPs but also an increasingly furious DUP, without whose support Theresa May’s premiership could end rather abruptly.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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