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Whites Not Welcome: West Midlands Police BAN White Men From Applying for Jobs

A police promotion process was ‘paused’ after being labelled ‘not fit for purpose’ by the West Midlands Police Federation, which had received complaints from white, male cops.

The row ignited when the white male officers were blocked from promotion by West Midlands Police in order to give women and ethnic minority candidates a better chance to appease the political correctness box ticking process.

The Federation says the force was aspiring to having 33 per cent of its staff made up of BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) and female employees in the future. The police force judged by colour and sex, not merit, because it had protected 50 per cent of the promotion slots for them over the last year.

Officers were invited to apply for promotion on eight occasions over the past year under a new system. On seven of those rounds, half of all the promotion slots were set aside for BAME and female candidates while the remaining 50% were available to those who didn’t have “protected characteristics” under new equality laws.

This is similar to the incident in Sussex just 11 months ago!!

Common sense however prevailed in a rare show when Richard Cooke, chairman of West Midlands Police Federation, said members were in favour of boosting female and BAME numbers in higher ranked jobs saying “As far as the promotion process is concerned, we just want a fair level playing field for everybody .We would want people treated as individuals, not pigeon-holed according to their sex, race, whatever the diversity aspect is”.

“Any sense of unfairness in the process can naturally be divisive and some officers felt that others may have been gaining an advantage somehow.

“We want everyone treated on merit and I hope the force agrees with that.”

Everyone should be indeed be treated on merit; how can we all be equal if some are promoted because of the colour of their skin and not ability? The BBC are have also shown such racial discrimination, for example, when they advertised for BAME and female applicants only – basically anyone but white men.

What these Engels-inspired leftists need to understand is that it is they who cause division that we see in society, by attacking white men. They are obsessed with race, when they should instead look at the goodness of people’s hearts.

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