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White South African Politicians Show EU Parliament Genocide

Last week our delegation from the European Parliament visited our South African friends in the Freedom Front Plus Party in Cape Town to continue our work on breaking the silence and raising awareness to the sad reality that the utopian idea of their Rainbow Nation is on the verge of descending into a bloody chaos.

We met with Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the leader of Freedom Front Plus and Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip. They explained to us that our visit was ever so timely with the South African general elections being held in 2019 and the stakes are extremely high. The survival of a nation and the country’s future is on the line.

On the subject of farm attacks, sadly the South African government still fails to categorise them as priority crimes. The number of farm attacks and farm murders are growing at horrific rates and their characteristics alarmingly point towards genocide. Farmers are three times more likely to be murdered than security guards and police.

Mr Van de Graaf, representing the TAU SA also emphasised that farm murders can be differentiated from ordinary crime because of the extreme brutality with which they are committed: victims are often first tortured and women are raped before they are murdered.

Since 1990, at least 4861 documented farm attacks have taken place and 1985 persons have been murdered on farms (of which approximately 1200 were white farmers and 480 were family members of white farmers).

Mr Streicher, who has extensive experience in investigating farm attacks, noted that these attacks amount to terrorism, as the primary aim is to spread fear. He further noted that South Africa faces serious problems with operational ISIS cells in South Africa.

In South Africa, racist violence towards whites in commonplace

He pointed out that farm attacks are usually carried out with military precision by 5 to 10 individuals who employ well-developed tactics, including extensive prior surveillance of the farm. The attackers mostly leave the scene of the crime without taking anything apart from the farmer’s weapons.

The South African government and police are either unwilling, or completely unable to investigate or prosecute farm attacks and murders.

We travelled to a nearby farm where a farmer was murdered in October 2017, also prompting the Black Monday protests of 30 October 2017.

We met with Ms Marlene Conradie, the wife of the farmer who was murdered. She explained that the perpetrators shot her husband approximately 30 times before fleeing.

Ms Conradie and her two children still live on the farm but they are in constant fear. She does not have a weapon to protect herself, as Mr Conradie’s weapon has been taken in by the police as evidence and she is struggling to get it back. No progress has been made in the case and no one has been arrested.

In light of all this horror, together with our friends in South Africa we believe it is still not too late to stop the country from going to ruins. We are in the last hours though.

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