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What a Snake! Michael Gove STANDS BY Theresa May’s Fake Brexit

Michael Gove back stabbed Boris Johnson, leaving the door open for Theresa may to become Tory leader in 2016.

Back in July, Brexiteers blasted ‘snake in the grass’ Gove for backing May’s soft exit blue print at Chequers showdown – as he insisted it DID honour referendum but admitted it’s ‘not perfect’.

Yesterday, Theresa May offered him the job of Brexit Secretary. Gove said that he could only do that job if he was given the opportunity to pursue his own course. May said that she wanted the Brexit Secretary to stay on the exact same course she had plotted. So, Gove turned down the job. May, though, asked him to stay as DEFRA Secretary and Gove has now decided to do so.

While Raab, Braverman, and others resign, Michael Gove has decided to stand by Theresa. His treachery knows no bounds!

Michael Gove has just alienated the whole Brexit community from him.

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