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UPROAR As Sheffield’s Muslim Mayor Disses Red Poppy for Palestinian Solidarity

There has been an angry response by the public after Magid, the Mayor of Sheffield, one of Britain’s most prominent Muslim voices, didn’t wear a red, but rather displayed a white, poppy on Remembrance Sunday, to show his solidarity with Palestine.

He stated regards his white poppy, “It is founded upon the idea of ‘Never Again’ – a concept that is often forgotten and extremely pertinent especially today when bombs and missiles made in Britain continue to cause havoc and ruin in Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere.“

There are increasing numbers of ungrateful Anglophobic young people who lack respect for those who made great sacrifice for our freedom, but reject the poppy as “patriotic”, supposedly a symbol of colonialism. There are also claims by some leftists that British armed forces are racist due to fighting against Islamist forces.

Sheffield City Council said it was “normal protocol” for its lord mayor to wear a red poppy as a sign of remembrance of Sheffield’s fallen heroes.

Mayor thinks he’s a gangster rapper? No respect for British traditions

Angela Smith, MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge, claimed the decision not to wear a red poppy was inappropriate in his position as Sheffield’s “first citizen”.

The Labour politician, who attended a service in Barnsley to mark Remembrance Sunday, tweeted: “Relieved I didn’t have to witness the behaviour of a Lord Mayor who forgets he is the city’s first citizen. He was not there to represent his own views.”

The mayor has formerly attracted accusations of of disrespecting British heritage by squatting in a hoody and Doc Marten boots on the traditional style tables in the council house, while sporting the Mayoral medallion as if a rapper showing bling.

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