Islamism: Don't Ban Our Bacon Sarnies!

UK MPs DEMAND “Islamophobia” Be Labelled As “Racism”

A group of British Parliamentarians have demanded “Islamophobia” be officially classed as a form of racism in the UK, claiming the country is deeply prejudiced and unfair towards Muslims.

One wonders is this a distraction tactic to push through the Brexit deal and/or the UN Global Compact for Migration, or is it simply a tactic to make us all mad first?

Several British MPs think it’s a great idea to use a word that is meaningless as per the Oxford Dictionary, “Islamophobia”. However, not only do they continue to use the word to mean whatever they imagine it to be this week, forcing a definition for the word, they want to go further and label it as racism.

We again see the blatant disregard for the meaning of words or creating words to mean whatever aspect of the Gramscian agenda they want to push. We see MPs making up words and applying meanings that are made up and contradict the official meanings. Islam, is their weapon of choice to create total confusion and distraction.

Yet let’s look at the facts, Islam is in fact an ideology also classed as a religion; its followers are called Muslims, and as such Islam is not a race of people, neither are Muslims for that matter.

Many people of different races follow the ideology of Islam. So for anyone who opposes, dislikes it, or doesn’t believe in it to be labelled a racist or someone with a phobia, is nonsense; it is not in line with the meaning of racism and phobia as per the dictionary.

Many people in the West do not have a belief in a God, they call themselves atheists, or agnostics for those who aren’t sure, so will they become racists under this new rule? Including many in Parliament of no faith?

In any case, we have laws to combat racism in the United Kingdom, the Race Relations Act 1965, which was amended in the Race Relations Act 1968. Members of Parliament should be aware of these laws. We also have laws to combat discrimination.

Interesting is it not a few weeks before the Brexit betrayal vote, in Parliament, an excerpt from the Breitbart article confirmed that, “The document comes from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims, which is led by leading anti-Brexit Tory MP Anna Soubry.”

Tory Peer Baroness Warsi, the group’s Treasurer, commented on the document release: “Islamophobia is a form of racism – like antisemitism it’s time it got its own definition.”
Baroness Warsi, no it’s not the same thing. Semites are a race of people – some are religious, some are not.

We need members of Parliament to start to behave in a reasonable manner and respect the use of the English language, and to start to abide by the official definitions of words, and not use words that don’t correlate to the official meanings in the English Dictionary.

This habit of simply throwing tantrums to usher in all sorts of nonsense to distract us has reached its sell by date. What next? Taxation should be labelled racist since most people who pay tax in the UK are white! Lefties do not demand that Parliament ensure all races pay the same amount of tax?

The document also claimed Muslims are widely oppressed in the UK and blames British society for Muslims not being as economically successful as some other groups. Yet many Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in the UK from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are of the same race. The difference is the religions they follow.

Yet in the document it’s only Muslims affected? Muslims in the UK are the only religious group with special Sharia tribunals. They even have Sharia Courts to enforce Sharia law, which rules that Muslim women have to be kept at home, and out of the workplace – reducing the family income, as contact with men outside the immediate family is strictly forbidden for Muslim women under Sharia.

There are allegations that Muslims are also given special treatment in the UK benefit system, because they are allowed to leave a job if they have to handle alcohol or pork? Both of which are forbidden in Islam. All these points affect the Muslim community’s economic prosperity which the report has not included.

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