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Trump Not Scared: LOSER Hillary Clinton To RERUN as PRESIDENT in 2020

In a new turn of events, two former advisers have speculated that former US Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could be planning to run for the Presidency again in the 2020 Presidential elections.

The first is Mark Penn, who worked for the Clinton family for 13 years, and has co-penned an article for the Wall Street Journal called ‘Hillary will run again’. In it, he (along with its co-author Andrew Stein) discusses how she has had a long career in politics, is still very popular amongst the Democratic Party, never truly ‘conceded’ defeat because of the thoroughly discredited Russian hacker conspiracy theory and the Electoral College that helped US President Donald Trump to win (as Clinton had won on the popular vote, although there are suggestions that much of this was based on voter fraud) and that she had an ‘unfinished mission’ to become the first female President of the United States.

They also compare her to other politicians who have made similar comebacks (most notably Richard Nixon) and how she intends to rebrand her image to help her win the Presidency.

The second is Philippe Reines (of who held many roles during Clinton’s career, most notably as press secretary and senior advisor to her during her 2008 Presidential bid, of which she lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic Party), of who was quoted in a Politico article discussing how he felt that it is ‘curious why Hillary Clinton’s name isn’t in the mix – either conversationally or in formal polling – as a 2020 candidate’.

In this article (called ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Hillary?’) he also discusses how her age benefits her (being younger than other potential Democratic candidates for the Presidency) and had millions more voters to back her as opposed to the likes of other contenders in her party like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton herself has yet to respond to these allegations.

So far, her party of the Democrats has six declared candidates vying for the Democratic nominee for Presidency, while many others have expressed their desire to run.

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