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TRAITOR: Former PM Gordon Brown DEMANDS Second Brexit Ref

In a new show of events, Gordon Brown becomes yet another arrogant elitist to demand that the will of the British people be ignored for a second Brexit referendum. He is also the third former Prime Minister to do so, along with John Major and Tony Blair.

He justified such claims by saying that the people deserved a final say on the deal, that where we were going with Brexit was bad and that we need a Royal Commission to unite the British union, as opposed to the division it is currently suffering.

The irony being in that while Brown doesn’t want this commission to be elitist, his views on a second referendum are. It is clearly being pushed by an elite class of who want Brexit to fail while riding on their collective gravy train.

This is most notable from Michael Heseltine’s £90,000 per annum sum he gets from EU farming subsidies, all the while the Kinnock family receives quite a bit from the EU (from their pensions and allowances for example). They want to stay in for their personal interests, not Great Britain’s. And isn’t it ironic that Brown now wants to avoid elitism, given that he showed such an attitude by calling a constituent in Rochdale a ‘bigoted woman’ for being fearful about mass immigration (leading to the scandal known as Bigotgate)?

All the while, Gordon Brown has a history of selling the UK down the river. He infamously sold a large chunk of our gold reserves off for a pittance, a move of which is now widely condemned in the press. He bailed out the various banks that crashed Great Britain’s economy (of which now ironically he says should have been arrested at the time). He signed the Lisbon Treaty to keep us furtherly attached to the EU. Our democracy is probably nothing to him by comparison.

It is time we stand up against these elites when we can before they succeed at selling down our democracy to the highest bidder.

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