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Wet Tory HQ Accused of BLOCKING Farage From Being a MP – Bring Back the Real Conservatives!

It has long been alleged that in 2015 corruption was committed by the Tory party to keep the then UKIP leader Nigel Farage out of the halls of Westminster. Shockingly, recent trial revealed horrification allegations that CCHQ gave orders to the accused, implying this scandal goes right to the top.

Craig McKinlay, the Conservative MP for South Thanet who is on trial for election expenses fraud was a “small cog in the gearbox”, the court was told. Supposedly, the Tory party HQ bent over backwards to stop entry into Parliament by Nigel Farage, the man who best stands for what once would have been their core believes: low migration, traditional family values, and British sovereignty.

McKinlay, who is accused of spending over the £52,000 limit in his contest with Farage for the South Thanet seat, denies submitting “woefully inaccurate” returns which in reality totalled over £66,000. He is standing trial alongside his agent Nathan Gray and and Conservative activist Marion Little.

McKinlay went on to say that the court needed to understand the “hierarchy of the Conservative Party” and when it came to the decision about the bus it was very much a case of “you’re having it”. Well, that is probably the case in all parties, including UKIP.

The Conservative party, especially under the reigns of David Cameron and Theresa May has stepped far from any notion of right-wing politics, and is certainly a centrist party of the social democrat strain.

Many will recognise that Farage is the true conservative, and that he has strong similarities to traditional “High Tories” like the brave and honest Enoch Powell, who boldly stood up for Brexit.

The Tory party itself has many fine conservative members, being home to over half of Brexit voters, however, the management is clearly out of touch not just with its party grassroots, but also with the patriotic community in general. They allegedly broke the law to keep a genuine conservative out of Westminster.

Sadly, Farage narrowly missed out on a parliamentary seat that would have seen greater opposition to the European Union, and a bolster to traditional conservative values.

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