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Syrian fake refugee ‘raped teacher’ and threatened to kidnap her family

As news breaks that one of the supposed refugees welcomed into Britain is actually 30 years of age, we have to wonder how grateful these adults are for the free education they are being given at the taxpayers expense?

A 19-year-old man from Syria has been charged with raping a teacher at a high school in southern Sweden.

(Court documents list him as ‘stateless’, but having been born in the Syrian city of Damascus – therefore, has not applied for asylum at the first safe country as per Dubs Agreements I and II, but passed many safe countries on route o Sweden.)

The teenage student allegedly pushed the mother-of-two into a room, locked the door and sexually assaulted her at the school in Nässjö, near Jönköping.

The suspect has been studying a language introduction programme at the high school, after reportedly arriving from Syria with his family in recent years. In the weeks before the incident, the student used these new language skills allegedly to sexually harass the teacher, after which he sent her a Snapchat message in which he threatened to rape her, court documents reveal. He was not removed from the school.

Prosecutors claim the student said he would kidnap someone in the woman’s family if she did not comply and have sex with him, Smalands Dagblad reports.

In her blog, the teacher wrote of how she tried to fight back, begged the attacker to stop and that she felt ‘like a fragile bunny that the hunter was about to shoot with his gun.’

She also claimed that the attacker, whom she does not identify, had told her he had assaulted her ‘because my body was so irresistable [sic]. So curvy, so sexy, so hot that you just had to do it.’

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