Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Stop Unskilled Migration: 10% of EU migrants are UNEMPLOYED

For decades the media has pushed a racial stereotype, that Brits suppposedly don’t work, only migrants do.

However, only one in seven of the 2,733,000 EU migrants aged 16-64 – a total of 390,000 – are unemployed or “inactive”.

EU migrants of working age living in the UK who do not have a job account for a city the size of Bristol, new figures have revealed.

A survey by the Office for National Statistics does not give a breakdown of how many claim benefits, but those who are unemployed will be eligible for jobseeker’s allowance and may also claim housing benefit and child benefit. People who are “inactive” include those claiming disability benefits.

Steven Woolfe MEP, of the Leave Means Leave campaign, said: “We fully recognise the benefits EU nationals bring to Britain – and we want to maintain the inflow of skilled workers – but the man in the street will be alarmed that there are so many EU citizens without a job, potentially claiming benefits and competing with them for jobs.

“The Government must seize the opportunities from Brexit and ensure we freeze unskilled migration for five years. Too many wages have been depressed and too many jobs displaced for this uncontrolled immigration to continue.”

Brexit campaigners said the figures showed the need to freeze migration for unskilled workers after Britain leaves the EU.

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