Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders


In a recent interview with the ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain, Lord Jeffrey Archer has stated that the British government should ‘get on’ with Brexit and that despite being a former Remain campaigner himself, states that he doesn’t want a second referendum, opining that ‘we live in a democracy’ and therefore the result of the referendum was Leave, and should therefore be respected.

During the interview, he also discussed his new book Heads You Win, all the while opining how we should get on with Brexit, and stated that in response to being asked as to what terms we should leave on, that ‘we don’t know until the terms come back’ but we should prioritise ‘coming out’ of the European Union.

He also suggested that it was silly to state that Prime Minister Theresa May doesn’t know the terms of leaving the European Union, as we are in the final negotiation stages and that he has ‘no doubt’ that ‘nine tenths’ of the final deal have been finalised. Meanwhile, he felt that the Irish border problem shall be ‘sorted out’ and there shall be unity in the end, mainly over the budget.

Archer follows in a line of other former Remainers who either now want to have democracy respected or are now pro Leave. The former includes the likes of musical auteur Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Conservative Cllr for the Southgate ward of Enfield Borough Stephanos Ioannou and the latter being former Conservative MEP Stanley Johnson and historian Niall Ferguson.

Watch the full interview here:

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