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Stabbings Rise, But Met Police Chief Dick’s Priority is GENDER of Officers

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, has launched a police recruitment drive to target females in an attempt to end the male domination in the ranks.

Firstly, this is not a new phenomenon, many constabularies have already done the same, adding in males from ethnic minority backgrounds only. Not that it is right of course, this is nothing other than discrimination. The PC Brigade will of course scream that it is called ‘positive discrimination’, but the rest of the population who are sane will recognise that it is just discrimination – positive discrimination is still discrimination; the clue is in the name.

What strikes me as bizarre is the new heights of hypocrisy that the Met Chief has reached with this campaign.

Is this the same Cressida Dick who is a champion against hate crime?
Redirecting her stretched resources investigating hate crimes, even though she admits they are not a crime? Isn’t running a recruitment campaign that excludes men a hate crime? Misandry anyone? Can someone explain this to her in a way that breaks through her Common-Purpose training?

Cressida Dick should take a long hard look at her own record and performance, as the first female Met Chief is not exactly a shining example for females. This is the same Cressida Dick who presided over recent increases in crimes of terrorism, extremism, violent crime, moped crime, acid attacks; the list goes on.

I will be gracious enough to concede that this discrimination is not the act of the Chief alone; she is under pressure from local pressure groups and lobbyists such as the People’s Assembly who persuade local authorities to recruit Police Chiefs and offer senior positions to people from ethnic minority backgrounds or women.

I was challenged by this group during my candidacy for Police Crime and Commissioner to pledge to appoint the next Police Chief from an ethnic background or a female. I said I would appoint the best man or woman for the job, regardless of their background. They were not amused, but then again, these lobbyists and Common Purpose pressure groups are all part of the problem that is infecting our society.

Finally, to challenge the number of males and females in high ranking positions, if one were being reasonable they would calculate that the number of men and women recruited divided by the ones in senior ranks would give them a conversion figure. In essence, the more females who apply, the more that would reach higher ranks.

But let’s not make common sense confuse them, poor dears!

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