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SHOCK: Anna Soubry Is No Conservative: Tells People To Vote Labour!

Conservative and arch-Remoaner Anna Soubry has sparked controversy,  shock and anger in her own party by asking people to support Labour! The Quisling who has defied the wishes of her constituency who voted to leave, tweeted “Jeremy Corbyn: Labour must now lead on a People’s Vote”.

This has resulted in many calling for her to be removed from the Conservative party altogether. Her treacherous personality has no boundaries! Bizarrely she forgets that Corybn has spent most of his career against the EU but in typical career politician style has changed like the wind.

Tweeter Steve Burns said “Seriously Anna, re-read the conservative manifesto you stood on, then read your tweet again. Then consider your position, it is disgraceful that a conservative MP would ever tweet this.”

There are some real conservatives left in the party, Jacob Rees-Mogg being one of the few standing in the High Tory tradition. This week the social democrat fake “plastic Tory” bloc, that has sold out on the principles of Burke, stood to their mast by appeasing the awful deal May came up with that would see the UK leave the EU in all but name only.

After Treason May’s latest capitulation, many are hoping this man will take the country forward by making a fine Prime Minister.

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