Crime: Druglord and Jihadi Alleys of Dick's Londonistan


In a shocking turn of events, Labour councillor Ishmael Osamor (son of Labour MP for Edmonton Kate Osamor) has avoided a four year prison sentence for smuggling drugs into last year’s Bestival festival in Bristol, according to the Daily Mail.

Ishmael was caught with £2500 worth of various class A drugs like ecstasy and cannabis, to name only but a few. He avoided four years in prison to do 200 hours of unpaid work, as assigned to him by the judge of this case.

Despite this, he still maintains his job as a Labour councillor in Haringey, all the while still working for his mother (on the taxpayer pennies and pence mind you) as his mother’s communications officer. The cruel irony being his mother has spoken against the government’s supposed failed war on drugs (which would be true had they bothered to start one in the first place) and her constituency of Edmonton having problems with drug crime too.

She also doesn’t seem to appreciate any criticism of this, blocking anyone on Twitter who brings it up:

Then again, this isn’t the first time a Labour MP for a constituency in Enfield Borough has shown contempt for criticism. Conservative councillor Stephanos Ioannou has been blocked by his area’s MP Bambos Charalambous (who is the current MP for Enfield Southgate) meanwhile Enfield North MP Joan Ryan has been accused of editing her Wikipedia page to remove referencing to her expenses swindling.

Typical Labour Party shenanigans then.

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