Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Revenge of the Loyalists: Ulster’s DUP to Knock Theresa Out?

Despite Gove, Mordaunt and Leadsome staying in post, for now at least, we are reliably assured that they will last the day, another not so tiny problem remains…

The small matter of the budget votes next week has been provocatively raised on Twitter by the DUP’s Lee Reynolds, and draws into question the claims made by Number 10 that they have the support of the loyalist DUP.

Without the support of the DUP, secured by the confidence and supply agreement, which has so far allowed Mrs May to desperately cling to her position as Prime Minister, the Government will fall.

With reports being made yesterday that the agreement is dead, unless Theresa goes, the only question now is, will they pull the plug on her, her premiership, the Tory majority, and this whole theatre of the absurd?

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