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POLICE STATE BRITAIN: Calls to BAN Milkshakes From UK Restaurants

Britain currently suffers from rising knife crime, but rest assured, the state has priorities in order – it is going to introduce a ban on milkshakes!

To fight against problems the UK is currently suffering with obesity, campaign group Action On Sugar is stating that freakshake milkshakes and all milkshakes above 300 calories be banned.

The group came to this conclusion after surveying various milkshakes, and found these freakshakes (of which are milkshakes that contain condiments such as chocolates, sweets, cake, cream and flavoured sauces) to be the worst in that sense, finding that they contained ‘grotesque levels of sugar and calories’.

They decided that the worst offender was the Unicorn Freakshake from Toby Carvey, of which has 39 teaspoons of sugar or 1,280 calories.

They also criticised Five Guys’ banana and chocolate shake with 1,073 calories — the equivalent of more than four cans of cola.  Others that were surveyed included Handmade Burger Company and TGI Fridays.

This group have also campaigned for mandatory traffic light-coloured nutrition labelling across all menus (of which the government is currently consulting on) and have felt that the sugar reduction programme as initiated by Public Health England doesn’t go far enough.

A spokesman for Toby Carvery said: “Freakshakes only feature on our main menu and are not targeted at children.”

The chain is “very mindful of our role in helping guests make informed decisions” and makes public the nutrition information for its menu, the spokesperson said. The company has also committed to PHE’s sugar reduction program.

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