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Police Pursue ‘Racist’ Puppy For Pavement Poo: Fake ‘Hate Crime’ Surge Blamed on Brexit

Londonistani knife crime has shot up to record levels, while Islamist rape gangs abuse thousands of kids across most British cities, but the police think they have more important things to deal with: a dog has been blamed for a ‘racist’ ‘hate crime’ after the pooch took a crap near the front door of somebody’s home.

The police report states that ‘the victim perceived this to be a racial incident’.

A Freedom of Information request by the The Mail on Sunday reveals that the supposed rise in ‘hate crime’ post Brexit, such as 2,500 reported cases logged by the Met Police, is literally people talking crap.

David Davies, Tory MP and former special constable, said the recording of such ‘non-crimes’ was a waste of police time. He stated, ‘This is part of the reason that police struggle to investigate serious offences such as home burglaries. People need to start thinking more carefully before they call the police.’

According to the Home Office, there were 94,098 ‘hate crimes’ recorded in 2017-18. Many of these are not actual crimes, but petty grievances. Allegations investigated by officers in 2015 and 2016 included an envelope being opened and resealed and a man telling library staff he was campaigning for Brexit.

Complaints included a person who felt a bus driver had given them a ‘racist look’ and an angry dad who called police when his daughter lost a tennis match because he believed the umpire to be racist.

Current rules see police record any allegation described as motivated by prejudice as a hate incident, even if it is not serious enough to be regarded as a crime – this uses up value police time, paid for by the taxpayer, while the police say they are too busy to investigate burglaries.

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