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PC PROPAGANDA: Channel 4’s Tommy Robinson-bashing “No Offence” Not Woke, Just Broke


Another day, another examination of cultural Marxist propaganda courtesy of a mainstream broadcaster, and this time, it is about a popular TV show of which has decided to go political to of course make itself more timely and relevant and clearly not to genuflect on how bitter the writers of said show are at the fact that the cultural landscape of Great Britain is changing and not in their favour. Of course not.

All sarcasm aside, this of course is about the third season of the black comedy crime drama No Offence on Channel 4, of which seems to be in a hurry to push out as much leftist propaganda as they can this year, with this, an episode of the secondary school drama Ackley Bridge of which demonised patriots of who are rightly worried about radical Islam and the loss of British identity and the worst of the bunch being The Battle For Britain’s Heroes, of which was particularly slander against Great Britain’s best and brightest, and spent a lot of time where its narcissistic host complained about the ‘abuse’ (in other words legitimate criticism) she was receiving for doing so. These babies are so entitled, aren’t they?

Now while this season of No Offence isn’t that bad, its copious amount of leftist propaganda is enough to make anyone vomit. Not to mention how even on its own merits, this season of No Offence is often poorly written, making myself think that it has clearly been made by someone who has put their politics first above good storytelling and characters. And given that it is the end of said season, we might as well examine it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Now before I continue tearing this series a new one, I want to point out something. Unlike some of the other programmes I have covered so far on the Red Pill Factory, I have seen this series before it decided to jump the shark as it shall and become more political. I had tried to give the first season a go, but it lost me almost instantly. The opening set piece of the first series’ first episode whereby a policewoman chases a suspect only for him to die by deliberately tripping up and having a vehicle of some kind squash his head like a grape in a supposedly comedic fashion left a rather sour taste in my mouth. This was clearly a series whereby it was a black comedy, and would take that to mean a dark show where something really disgusting (either in something really gory or completely out of place blue humour) is immediately meant to be funny.

This is not the case. Good black comedy is meant to incorporate a dark situation and combine it with humour that fits the mood and is woven into the piece as a whole to make the jokes seem more natural. The failure of more recent black comedy has been to decide to go full on gross out inject light or blue humour in situations which don’t fit the mood of the piece. So that’s why the likes of media such as No Offence, Sightseers and arguably The Hangover trilogy fail to raise a laugh on those grounds. The only decent offerings recently have been the likes of In Bruges and Frankie Boyle’s older stand up routines. It also didn’t help that the show was clearly one that was very PC too in some areas, making all the excessively gross violent and sexual comedy all the more annoying. On the one hand, it had no regards to human life to getting a laugh, but down syndrome kids and being the daughter of immigrant parents (as one of the main characters is one) were off bounds. Now while I appreciate that the makers of the show have boundaries, I feel that if one is wanting to be really dark and edgy, go all out and don’t pretend to have them at all. Now it would make the show extremely tasteless, but I would admire it for being so, as opposed to annoyed at how it is clearly attempting to shock and the play to the lowest common denominator while pretending that some subjects were off bounds. Any show that considers the value of human life more worthy of mocking and treating crassly and not subjects that are un PC in today’s climate is clearly going to be an insincere show more out to shock than anything else.

So forgive me if I have a potentially slightly biased view of the show, but there it is. So what is this season about I hear you ask?

Essentially, what is happening is that after the Friday Street police team experience tragedy after one of their officers is killed during a hustings whereby a mayoral candidate is nearly killed by the same far-right assassin who killed the policewoman (of whose group Albion has been disrupting the said hustings among campaigning around the area of Manchester where the show is based), and attempt to get to the bottom of the case. Throughout, they investigate it, and uncover a web of political conspiracy, corruption and dirty money.

Now you can already see the massive left wing bias this series has, can’t you? If not, allow me to elaborate further.

Firstly, let us focus on the fact that the main bad guys of this series is yet another cliched far right group. There isn’t much to this one-dimensional bunch, beyond their hatred of immigrants and minority groups, of which no doubt because of the love these people have for their country, are what the creators of this show assume all patriotic people are, given both the crude representation of this group and the contempt this season has for right wingers as a whole (but more on that later). Their head Dennis Caddy is clearly meant to be a Tommy Robinson hard man type leader of this group and his sister also shares prejudices towards mass immigration too, as do the other members. They also have one prominent black member (who turns out to be an undercover cop) to brush aside arguments about xenophobia.

So far, we can see that the bad guys are clearly meant to be a crude analogy for moderately right wing patriotic groups of who hate mass immigration and want to maintain British identity. Now while myself among the others here at the Red Pill Factory team shall always condemn the real far right (and have gotten ourselves into deep trouble in the past for doing so), the representation here is clearly not meant to condemn the real far right, but all right wing patriots too. Let’s be clear; the constant fears that the MSM bangs on about the far right are overblown, given that they aren’t much of a threat, with this show being no exception to that. This show is clearly insinuating that all of those worried about the issues that affect our country and its identity are far right cranks of who deserve no attention at all. Tell me if you’re fed up of hearing it over and over. Not to mention, the group’s attempts to disrupt hustings, kill police officers, poison halal meat and protest outside of mosques are clearly meant to show how right wing groups who oppose radical Islam are clearly just evil Nazis, and are like the group Albion in this show. Forgive me if I am fed up with this narrative of how opposing radical Islam makes you a far right lunatic, and given how often such groups are the bad guys of any major TV show these days, and it is clearly there to serve the leftie delusion that far-right groups are on the rise and are a bigger threat than ever, of which is clearly not the case. May be a decade ago this sort of narrative would have been more tenable when the legitimately racist British National Party was gaining considerable power in Great Britain (most notably with 2 European Parliament seats in the 2009 European electionsalbeit it is arguable as to many of their supporters were legitimately Nazis or rather those fed up with the current political climate unfortunately exploited by such legitimately nasty far-right parties) but now it looks rather silly. This is despite the crude ways they shout their patriotic slogans, protest Muslim politicians and wear the St. George’s Cross (of which seems to be the ire of the left for some reason).

This is especially true when the legitimate threat of the far-left and the alt-left is never explored in these shows, despite them having friends in government (most notably Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott of Labour, who has praised Marxist dictators like Mao Zedong in the past and runs the alt-left group Stand Up To Racism) and having a leader of a major political party (that being Jeremy Corbyn) of who is sympathetic to many of their views, something to my knowledge the Conservative Party has never faced, nor the likes of other moderate right-wing parties like UKIP for example. Only the recent televised remake of the 1992 Russell Crowe film Romper Stomper has apparently created this balance, of which shows the levels of bias and support the MSM and its people have to such groups. And forgive me for not swallowing the idea of a far-right group disrupting a hustings, given that I have attended one whereby a far-left group in Stand Up To Racism managed to do, to the point where it had to be shut down. It was the recent Lewisham East hustings during the by-election for that seat, and all the grisly details about it can be outlined here. So you’ll me forgive me if I don’t appreciate such rubbish, especially given that if politics is downstream from culture (as the great media pioneer Andrew Breitbart opined), such representation matters, and if the writers of this show want to reflect their angry left-wing nonsense on the rest of us, that’s us. However, it does constantly demonise a group in society of who have done nothing wrong and only creates more unnecessary hostility towards it because of inaccurate propaganda like this. Shame on all of you. A plague on your houses it shall be.

To make matters worse, this show has other fish it needs to fry. The main financier of this group is a millionaire, of who is clearly meant to be Arron Banks. He is a sleazy millionaire, of who is using the group to fulfil his own ends. This seems rather odd to me, given that, to my knowledge, no millionaire or billionaire funds protest groups like that, far-right or otherwise, in this country, given that would be extremely bad PR that would badly affect one’s financial situation with investors and customers pulling out, as anybody who has studied PR (like myself currently) can tell you. Banks himself (of who is public enemy number one at the moment for the left who hate him for helping to win Brexit in the 2016 EU referendum) also doesn’t fund such groups beyond the likes of UKIP (of which presumably is far-right according to the writers of this show), and they aren’t far-right, despite the various issues they have under current leader Gerard Batten in terms of maintaining such a healthy nationalistic image. Again, this is more distortion and propaganda.

While to my knowledge there are no millionaires or billionaires that have funded actual far-right groups, there are those that have funded far-left ones instead. The most notable example is (surprise) billionaire George Soros, of who has funded the likes of Black Lives Matter before (a group notorious for rioting, destruction of property and ironically hurting black communitiesall the while pushing a Marxist agenda) and had indirect links to Occupy Wall Street as uncovered by Reuters. That group has a laundry list of felonies to their name, all the while pushing for a Marxist agenda too. This isn’t even going into the various other causes he’s backed, of which you can read here. Meanwhile, even senior US government officials have warned that the likes of Soros and other liberal billionaire funders (like Michael Bloomberg) have similar agendas to control the US government through controlling various parties. That is far more dangerous than these supposed far-right groups backed by right-wing billionaires, but again given the left’s seeming embrace of the likes of George Soros, and the seeming bias this show has towards the left, and those outlets aren’t going to be covered.

Also, the main villain of the series turns out to be the Mayor Carol McCoy, of who by her campaign material being blue, supporting tough policing and wanting to enforce law and order, is clearly meant to be a Tory party candidate in everything but name so that the Conservative Party can’t sue. What her plan is to use the far-right group’s failed assassination attempt to get her into office and nothing more. This is especially true given the more left-wing stance of her opponent Kashif Hassan throughout this series, of who I am assuming is meant to be current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (although why they didn’t bother having a Andy Burnham type in the role, of who is the Mayor of Manchester as of this writing, I do not know). So in short, the plot of this series is that a corrupt right-wing politician is using a far-right group backed by a millionaire to earn support and take power. I dread to think what conspiratorial thoughts are going through the writers’ heads when putting this nonsense down on the page, but I would rather not contemplate more ridiculous left-wing nonsense. Not to mention how her new police commissioner through his desire to enforce the law and less than PC attitudes clearly show how the makers of the show prefer liberal hands off policing as tired old tough policing is surely out of date and not in tine with what the public wants (of which bluntly doesn’t work, if the current hell London is going through is any example of this). This is despite him doing nothing wrong and managing to get a case solved, making the message more confused, like everything else in this season.

But there are other political jabs too. The show complains about Brexit, as reflected with a meat factory owner claiming that since the referendum, the amount of EU workers has gone down for him (of which begs the question as to why he doesn’t just hire more British born workers regardless of ethnicity, but that’s beside the point), causing him financial difficulties. Once again we have the MSM push the myth of Brexodus (whereby there is apparently a huge migration of EU citizens from Great Britain to other countries in the EU), of which has been debunked time and time again. Also, it is funny why a left-wing show would support corrupt businesses, of who use migrant labour to take advantage of the depressed wages that occur with it, but never mind. After all, tolerance and diversity are our strength, am I right? It also takes a jab at alternative media, with the first episode having policewoman Joy Freers escort some of the Albion protestors away to an underground part of the area, whereby she and her colleagues pretend to be alternative media journalists, claiming to be different from the liberal media. This is meant to show that the MSM (of which Channel 4 represents) are the good guys, and that those who criticise their leftie-liberal are only far-right fruitcakes, and there is nothing to worry about. This despite the UK media being the least trusted in Europe in a post-Leveson inquiry age, but never mind. All this leftie propaganda is making me sick quite frankly.

To make matters worse, I am a little jarred about some of the legitimate prejudicial undertones this series has. Despite the endless genuflecting about tolerance and not criticising radical Islam and such, the series seems to have a slight resentment for Jews and black conservatives. It sounds crazy, but let me explain. In the third episode, a Jewish person is killed on the election day where these mayors are contesting in. During the inquiry into the man’s death, they ask representatives from the local Jewish community to help out, and when one of their heads turns out not cooperate easily, some on the police force assume that he is protecting his own kind. No joke. And given that no-one bothers refuting that, it is clear that is what the makers must be implying, otherwise why put it in there? Then again, given the huge vary of problems the British left (mostly confined to the Labour Party mind you) has with anti-Semitism, and is it any surprise that such idiocy is being broadcast by the left-wing?

Also, the black woman undercover in this group to me is a slight against black conservatives. Given that she is a member of this group and is faking it to gain information, that suggests that any black person affiliated with the right are really lying to themselves and are actually left-wing because they are black, and are only faking it to fit in with the right, and therefore shouldn’t associate themselves with right-wing causes at all. That may sound crazy, but given how left-wing authors have accused black celebrities (like rapper Kanye West) of thinking like a white guy for backing US President Donald Trump, all the while Labour MP Emma Dent Coad called Conservative candidate for London Mayor Shaun Bailey a ‘token ghetto boy’ for being a Tory Party member (comments of which Coad had to apologise for too), the consensus of the left seems to be that all black people must vote to the left to be truly black otherwise they are race traitors and are not black. That, ladies and gentlemen, is racism pure and simple. As comedian Pat Condell outlined when talking about such double standards of the left when it came to Israel:

…if you measure yourself by the same stringent standards that you left-wing hypocrites love to apply to others, then it follows that you are a racist with blood on your hands.

Condell, 2011.

To make matters even worse, this show doesn’t even have the excuse of being well-written to make up for such blatant propaganda.

Most notably, all of these characters act like complete morons, as if they were dumb teenagers in a slasher movie of who make stupid decisions making their murder seem inevitable (in other words, the most recent Halloween film). What we witness throughout this season of No Offence is that Friday Street police force are may be the most corrupt police force not in a Rockstar Games video game or your average season of True Detective (of which given the way some of Manchester’s police forces have behaved to some in the alternative media, such a perception may not be far off from the reality of the situation).

They nearly blow an undercover officer’s cover, don’t play by the books when it comes to criminal investigations and even go as far as to plant evidence to conduct revenge on people they don’t like. This particular decision lands them in hot water at the end of the series, with the climax literally being based on an Asian officer being kidnapped by this group as the person arrested had such evidence planted on them by another officer out to get them for a murder they didn’t commit. Such idiotic decisions make these characters admittedly hard to sympathise with as the average viewer in the same situation wouldn’t repeat their behaviour. It is similar to how one watches a recent season of The Apprentice and wonders as to how some of this top businesspeople make stupid decisions no sensible person would. It disconnects the viewer from the scenario, as they are unable to suspend their disbelief, because they can’t emphasise or sympathise with the behaviour of the characters on screen.

Philosophy lecturers Craig and Emily Caddick Bourne (of who I had the upmost privilege to be taught under) outlined how certain characters, despite being unsympathetic could engage the audience similar to how one engages with an Escher picture as in a piecemeal way; being easy to understand parts but not wholly, albeit they leave the caveat that some characters have elements so reprehensible that we can’t even give them the benefit of the doubt, and for me behaving like a corrupt police force certainly does that in my book. Not to mention how these characters act on emotion first and proper police procedural second. Their colleague has died, of which one can sympathise with. What they can’t sympathise with however, is them putting an undercover cop’s life in potential danger because of an angry cop’s desire for vengeance or them constantly doing everything that is corrupt in her honour, constantly saying it is for their fallen comrade, Joy. Such behaviour is disgraceful and their bad behaviour makes me wonder why this force hasn’t been shut down yet. This is similar to how the last season of the crime drama Broadchurch had a central character of who claimed that their force always believed the victim, something of which (as journalist Peter Hitchens points out) is at odds with the way a police force does things, and its alarming to see how such leftie writers reflect their beliefs onto police procedurals. This clearly shows how such bad writing decisions are a result of the makers putting politics first and entertainment second.

So that was the third season of No Offence. It’s not terrible, given its high production values, great acting and occasional decent moments along the way. However, the endless stream of left-wing propaganda, combined with poor writing decisions makes it one that is hard to watch often and frequently.

Now one would argue as to why people like myself bother with such shows. They are fiction, so why should they matter, as people accept how such shows are not real? It is because those making such shows care. They know what propaganda they are dishing out, and how important subliminal messages are. Numerous studies have shown that subliminal messaging is effective, and therefore implementing it into TV programs like this is clearly important to the makers of shows like No Offence. Even the creator and one of the main writers of the show (that being Paul Abbott of Shameless fame) has admitted that the political messaging of the show was intentional. According to an interview with the Express, he stated that talking about the rise of far-right politics is in such shows was the current ‘zeitgeist’, all the while how relevant it is because such a topic ‘never goes away’. These are his exact words regarding putting a far-right group into No Offence:

I think we were looking at resetting the button on No Offence. When we took a look at the original formation of No Offence it was imaging the cops who would have had to look after the families in Shameless. Looking at the kind of society those cops would be looking at, I think we’re a perfect mouthpiece to handle that very dark jet black comedy humour that we get out of all kinds of things. I mean especially that one we desperately need to look at as a society that we relish looking at as a comedy.

Abbott, 2018.

It is clear what the agenda for the likes of Abbott is: this season of No Offence is a ‘mouthpiece’ for not only this type of black humour (of which as I’ve stated before, doesn’t work), but also the left-wing politics of it all. As conservative commentator Steven Crowder has outlined, pushing such leftist propaganda not only comes from a ‘profit motive’ but an ideological one. And as conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has stated, ‘the people making TV don’t merely want to entertain you, they want to influence you’.

Reject this influence, and start turning off shows that push this nonsense 24/7. We have to show these people that when you get woke, you go broke. It has happened with the recent Ghostbusters reboot, the video game Battlefield V and now No Offence has to be added to that dumpster fire.

To the left, stop ruining our entertainment with your endless propaganda. To finish off, I shall paraphrase Pink Floyd, in that hey lefties, leave our entertainment alone!

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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