Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Northern Ireland FURIOUS With Theresa May for Lack of Brexit Deal

DUP leader Arlene Foster claimed that we are heading for a no deal Brexit. Her party currently props up the Conservatives within the House of Commons.

“If that’s the trajectory that Dublin (in relation to the Irish border) is on, then we are heading towards a no-deal,” she said.

Adding: “That’s not what I want.”

Michel Barnier said: “We are still not at the 100%,”

“What is missing is a solution for the issue of Ireland. Without an operational backstop there will not be an accord and there will not be a transition period. That is certain.”

Despite 95% of the Brexit deal being agreed, the EU continues to invent non-issues to avoid Britain leaving, most notably the Irish border.

During a meeting, Ministers discussed how to implement a ‘review mechanism’ which would ensure that the UK is not stuck in a backstop arrangement.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman released a statement about May’s remarks and said that a no deal is still a possibility.

Mrs May’s spokesman said: “The prime minister said she was confident of reaching a deal.

“She said that, while the UK should aim to secure a withdrawal agreement as soon as possible, this would not be done at any cost.

“The prime minister said that, once agreement was reached on a withdrawal agreement, it remains the case that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and it will be subject to securing an acceptable full future framework.”

The spokesman said that reaching a deal with the EU ‘would not be done at any cost’. However, throughout the Brexit talks over the last 18 months, the British government has always been the one to concede and blink first.

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