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Nick Clegg Must Apologise AGAIN: Merkel SUPPORTS an EU ARMY

After attending a recent international remembrance service to commemorate the end of World War 1, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for ‘a real European army’, to push for a further union of the European continent.

Speaking at the European Parliament on Tuesday, she stated that ‘the days where we can unconditionally rely on others are gone’ and that ‘means that we Europeans should take our fate more into our own hands if we want to survive as a European community’. About the army, she stated that ‘we should work on a vision to create a real European army one day’ and that this shall prevent a future ‘war between European nations’. She also stressed that the army wouldn’t be against NATO (and would instead complement it), and talked about how ‘Europe’s soul is tolerance’. Her speech and presence provoked a mixed response; while getting a standing ovation from the chamber, many booed and heckled her.

These comments were seen partially as a reaction to both US President Donald Trump’s comments against French President Emmanuel Macron (of who has also called for an EU army in the past) and his talks about NATO (whereby he has stated that the United States pays a lot for it and that other member states owe NATO its fair share), the latter of which has been used as a way to reinvigorate discussions about setting up a European defence capability in NATO itself.

This idea for an European army is nothing new. The idea dates back to the days when Charles De Gaulle had unsuccessfully tried to organise one (albeit unsuccessfully) back in the 1950s. The idea has constantly been kicked down the road for many years, and talks of it being real have seemingly intensified throughout the past few years.

But remember, according to utter Remoaner Nick Clegg, all an EU army can be is a ‘dangerous fantasy’. Yeah right.

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