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Labour MEP SLAMMED for “tasteless” joke about Leave voters DYING

A Labour MEP has sparked a mass outcry with a “tasteless” and “misguided” joke about remain voters surpassing leave voters in numbers due to Brexit voters’ increasing mortality rates.

Richard Corbett, Labour MEP for the Yorkshire and Humber region the leader of the Labour Group in the European Parliament, has been severely criticised for ‘joking’ that Remain will have a majority in a few weeks due to Leave voters ‘dying off’.

Corbett told the European Parliament: “As someone told me, where there is death there is hope.”

He made this comment amid forecasts that on January 19 2019 there will be a Brexit “crossover day” when younger remain voters would outnumber the pro-Brexit voters due to their death rate.

Brexiteers reacted with outrage to Mr Corbett’s joke.

Tory MP Peter Bone said: “This remark is as tasteless as it is misguided.

“In their zeal to defy democracy and overturn the verdict of the 2016 referendum, arch-Remainers wrongly assume that the clear majority for Leave is dwindling.

“But that wilfully ignores the well-known fact that with age comes wisdom, and that many people who voted Remain now see they were wrong to do so in the first place.”

Corbett is another greedy MEP being removed from the gravy train who will say and do anything to survive. People need to wake up and see what these people are really like and their actions are not for our welfare. They would sooner sell us down the river than lose their nest eggs.

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