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Labour Council BANS Steven Woolfe from Manc WW1 Remembrance Ceremony

Steven Woolfe MEP’s invitation to the Manchester Sunday Remembrance commemoration event has been blocked by the Labour-run Manchester City Council in an appalling and disrespectful move.

Brexit legend Steven Woolfe who is an independent Member of the European Parliament claimed he was “deeply shocked” to find out Manchester City Council had “disinvited” him from the World War 1 Remembrance Sunday event in the city.

It looks to me like they are abusing their position to attack Brexiteers. The British MEP said he hoped for assurance that the decision was not politically motivated. But is yet to be give an official response by the council.

Mr Woolfe said: “I am deeply shocked to hear that I have been disinvited from this important commemoration of the Mancunian war dead.

“My grandfather, James Whitworth, was, like myself, born in Manchester. He was immensely proud to have fought alongside fellow Mancunians.

“Since Manchester is effectively dominated by the Labour party at every political level – from Mayor, Police Commissioner, to almost all Councillors and MPs in Westminster – I had hoped that I could have some assurance that the decision to withdraw my invitation was not politically motivated. Unfortunately, I have received no such assurance.

“We hear those such as Aaron Bastani, echoing the thoughts of many in the Labour party at both parliamentary and membership level, believe that those who support the poppy appeal are racist; that they support whitewashing over the memorials honouring ‘privileged white men.’ I hope that the reason to exclude me is not that the modern Labour party think that commemorating our Armed Forces is beyond the pale politically.

“Manchester may not wish me to commemorate the war dead of my home city, but it will not stop me paying my respects elsewhere.

“Having returned from my own private, reflective visit to Ypres and other war memorials and cemeteries, I may not be paying my respect to all those who died from Manchester, but I will, in any case, be commemorating those that fell on this 100th anniversary of the most brutal war we have known.”

The Labour Party refused to comment on Mr Woolfe’s statement.

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