European Monsters: The Continent's Kalergi Gangsters

Salvini leads European war on globalist institutions and organised crime

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Ministry of Interior and Vice-President, must be a man that doesn’t need much sleep. Given the amount of things he has accomplished, and the radically democratic transformation Italy has been subjected to in the last few months, one would question whether he sleeps at all.

Astonishingly, the Italians from the League Party (Lega) and Five Star Movement (M5S) appear to be leading the way in Europe in terms of waging war against illegality and totalitarianism.

We have deduced this from the fact that the attacks from the usual suspects against the Italian government have not ceased but actually incremented.

On one hand, we have a proud leader like Salvini, who has made promises to his people he intends to keep (cutting taxes, universal basic income, less immigration), on the other we have an non-transparent organisation, often accused of being undemocratic, that is attacking the impoverished Italian nation for not sticking to a financial budget that has been imposed on them by a small, secretive clique based in Brussels.

The latter has rejected Italy’s draft Budget for 2019 for the second time. This means that Junker, Schultz and Verhoefstadt not only intend to continue to insult the country (accuse it of what is known as “racism”) but also make sure that “Populist Italy” is punished forever by making it impossible for the current government to spend its own economic resources on its domestic territory to tackle problems of inequality, scarce growth, and unemployment.

The EU which is defines itself as pacifist and progressive seems quite outwardly incoherent ideologically as it decides to block the Italian’s government plan to provide universal basic income to its citizens and cut taxes for its working classes.

Salvini of course, is in open conflict with the EU and will not succumb to changing its GDP deficit target to 2.4- which would mean not delivering on campaign promises and eventually having to pay “Europe” 9 billion in debt by 2019.

At the same time, another of what in my opinion is an almost-fake organisation, which champions fake rights, has condemned Italy of ‘unashamed racism and xenophobia’. This is a ridiculous accusation for obvious reasons.

A strong government like Salvini’s, deeply concerned with humanity and individual rights, has decreased the percentage of aliens entering the country through the Mediterranean Sea, asynchronously this also means that many less Africans have drowned at sea, as they now know that they cannot simply make another country their home.

Less travelling, equals less deaths; it’s so simple and rather shocking how the leftists in Europe are yet to understand this. However, it is important to recognise that Italy is not against all immigration per se. In fact, Salvini gave his respects by greeting at the airport real refugees coming from Niger. This was merely a week ago.

Among other accomplishments that the Italian government can be proud about, and especially Salvini himself, are the wars waged against NGO’s and Organised Domestic Crime (aka “Mafia”). One does not need to go into detail about NGO’s, to find out that they have facilitated criminal behaviour (illegal immigration) at sea and in Italian ports, a little research on Google is sufficient.

Meanwhile, Salvini’s struggle against the Mafia is something that is very much a ‘work in progress’. Only two days ago, one of the most threatening and deplorable mafia families, the “Casamonica’s” (wealthy gypsies, naturalised Italian), have been opposed by seizing, and then demolishing their land and property. Members of the clan will most likely not only be held but soon investigated thoroughly and taken to court.

The new Italian government might not be perfect, as it is a strange alliance between the more radical right and left that has never been tested before. It is a nation scarred by white corruption, public debt and unemployment. Also, a nation that has been led for a very long time by elites that have slowly eroded its fundamental Christian values and European identity.

Now finally there is hope however. And hope – my friends, is a precious little thing.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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