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INVASION: Fake Refugees STEAL French Fishing Boat and Clash With British Border Forces

An invasion by seventeen fake Iranian refugees was stopped by British border forces yesterday. They had crossed the Channel from Boulogne-sur-Mer, northern France, in a stolen fishing boat.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Fourteen men and three minors, all of whom presented themselves as Iranian, were found on board.” None of them met the EU’s own definition of a “refugee” as per the Dubs Agreements I and II, but were all illegal immigrants.

It comes just hours after a major report was published outlining how poorly-staffed border checkpoints were being exploited by those seeking to enter the country illegally.

The study found the number of detections of clandestine incursions detected at south coast ports had fallen from 1,119 in 2016-17 to 882 in 2017-18, including a drop from 792 to 503 at Dover.

The alarm was raised by French officials who noticed that a fishing boat was following an “erratic route” and heading for the English coast.

Lieutenant Ingrid Parrot, spokeswoman for the Maritime prefecture, which is responsible for law enforcement on the French side of the Channel, said that the theft of the boat had been an “unprecedented operation” by fake refugees.

However, Dover MP Charlie Elphicke did not view this as a one off incident, but stated that such arrivals were “a growing problem”. He added that the Home Office “must not turn a blind eye”.

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