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Infamous Swedish Pro-Fake Refugee Activist INDICTED for Stopping Deportation

Elin Ersson, the Swedish student most famous for grounding a plane to stop an Afghan “refugee” (of who had been imprisoned for abuse in the country) has now been indicted for her behaviour, and could potentially go to jail for six months for violating the country’s aviation act by not allowing the plane to fly, according to the Daily Mail.

All of this started back in July, whereby Ersson purchased a ticket to stop a Turkish Airlines flight from Gothenberg in Sweden taking off, as it was being used to deport an Afghan man. Despite the best efforts of both the airline staff and disgruntled passengers telling her to go to her allocated seat, she won, allowing both herself and the Afghan man in question to be removed from the flight. The Afghan man was deported later on.

The protest gained notoriety as it was filmed and uploaded to the social media giant Facebook, whereupon it gained millions of views and worldwide attention. Her actions were celebrated by some on the plane who applauded her, as well as our best and brightest in politics and culture. This was all despite the fact that the man was being deported for charges of assault.

Now for her actions, she could be charged for criminal behaviour. In particular, authorities have accused her of violating Sweden’s aviation laws, by refusing to sit down when the plane was about to take off. If convicted, she could be facing six months in prison.

Despite this, she has no issue, and in an interview with The New York Times, she admitted that she would continue her activism against such deportations.

Ersson stated that ‘to send someone there [to Afghanistan] is in practice sending someone to their death’ and that ‘as someone who is against the death penalty, it is only right to stand up for those who are faced with being deported to a land in war’.

Presumably that means even going as far as to throw fellow Swedes under the bus is worth it for extra virtue signalling.

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