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Gibraltar’s Chief Minister ADMITS the Enclave is ‘Out of Love’ With the EU

During an interview with Sky News, the current Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has admitted that the enclave has fallen ‘out of love’ with the European Union, and has also stated that the reason that the area only voted to remain in the bloc out of geo-strategic reasons rather than liking the EU.

From the horse’s mouth:

Well I’ll tell you what – in the last two years they did everything possible for us to fall out of love with them given the way they’ve treated us. But we did not vote to stay in the EU because we love the EU. We voted to say because we knew that was the only way that we stop Spain from having a veto when the time came for new trade deals to be negotiated. Not as a result of the withdrawal agreement because nothing has happened this weekend that gives Spain an advantage, whatever [the current Prime Minister of Spain Pedro] Sanchez says.

Picardo, 2018.

He also admitted that the political bloc had ‘many’ warts, when discussing the ‘warts and all’ of the European Union.

Gibraltar voted 95.9% to stay in the European Union back in the 2016 EU referendum, making it by far the largest Remain vote in that referendum.

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