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Feminism DESTROYS Families: Innocent Right-wing Men Charged As “Rapists”, Evidence or Not

As I am sure you are aware, you couldn’t move an inch without hearing about the recent controversy surrounding US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his alleged sexual misconduct with Dr. Christie Ford, among other women. It became arguably the biggest political scandal of the year. People were outraged, walkouts at US universities were initiated and the question about the way women were treated in society based on sex and abuse of power by men became major issues once again.

What bothered me however was that all of this was happening despite one crucial detail; there was no evidence to prove what Ford was saying was true, and some have argued that her allegations were all made up as a political attack. To make matters worse, two of Kavanaugh’s other accusers have confirmed they were legitimately lying as well, in light of his Supreme Court appointment. This led me to wonder, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

This question is one of whose importance shall never wane, and with good reason. Given how our entire justice system is based on this premise, I would say that maintaining it is extremely important if we want to maintain any sense of a fair and balanced justice system, and not one akin to a country ridden with corruption, or one of a police state.

Hence why the recent furore against Kavanaugh, among other cases, was deeply worrying. To see a man’s life be potentially destroyed for what could be nothing less than cheap political point scoring is very troubling. To see how much his political opposition ate that up with little to no respite when it came to empirical evidence.

Now, I am not saying that Kavanaugh is innocent here either. Maybe he is guilty and all this venom against him (mostly coming from the political left) is justified. That’s not my point. My point is that he has the right to a fair trail just as much as anyone else does.

The fact that so many were willing to throw that under the bus for the sake of #BelieveAllWomen, #BelieveSurvivors or whatever empty social media campaign they can throw their weight around to make themselves feel better is reprehensible.

This is especially true given that Yale Law Students staged a mass walkout over the whole Kavanaugh controversy and to protest him in Washington, all the while some staged a sit-in. Let that sink in for a moment: the next generation of America’s best and brightest lawyers have been brainwashed so much by political correctness, third/fourth wave feminism and anti-Trump rhetoric that they believe in guilty until proven innocent. This is a frightening prospect, isn’t it?

But unfortunately, it seems that such as the way mass society believes accusations until the evidence actually arrives are due course these days, especially in this post #MeToo age. It seems that any accusation positioned against any innocent man is fine, provided it fits the narrative that women are oppressed and men are all evil.

This is despite some allegations either being greatly exaggerated or defeated ages ago. For the former, comedian Aziz Ansari has had bitter anger towards him for such allegations, of which while suggesting he is may be bad when it comes to handling romantic relationships, is clearly not sexual assault, unless you think that an inappropriate kiss and misjudged behaviour (of which Ansari called for her a car after the date had ended badly and apologised to her on the night it must be stated) is an equivalent.

Meanwhile, for the latter, actor Gary Oldman was slammed by many in the left-wing press for having won the Best Actor Oscar for playing Winston Churchill in the film Darkest Hour because of allegations against him by his ex-wife Donya Fiorentino of physical assault in front of the couple’s children.

This is despite said charges having been dropped by police following an investigation, and even one of Oldman’s sons have disputed the claims, calling Donya a ‘troubled mother’ in the process. The more recent allegations against footballer Cristiano Rolando seem to be fitting the same mould, given that the charges he is currently under had previously been dropped by his accuser after a financial settlement out of court, but there have already been calls for his sponsors to be dropped.

Cases like these show how while the #MeToo movement has had undeniably good consequences (most notably in bringing down the likes of legitimate predators within the industry of who had gotten away with their behaviour for too long), some of the clear opportunism by some and the leftist media to regurgitate them has unfortunately turned parts of it into a witch hunt.

To make matters worse, the whole issue has become politicised too. If the likes of Kavanaugh and former candidate for Alabama Senate Roy Moore are anything to prove, its not just that the left-wing press, current feminists and leftie politicians are eager to exploit such allegations to highlight their lie that we live in a rape culture in society and that we need more stricter laws and such, but also to use it against their political opponents to quash any chance of their success in the political arena. The allegations against both Kavanaugh and Moore are decades old and are not proven, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy enough for such corrupt entities to exploit for political gain, the truth be damned. It is also why they constantly bring up US President Donald Trump’s pussy comments and his other sexual misconduct allegations; not because they care for women or the victims, but because they want their opponent’s political agenda to come crashing down by their ears.

This is the case because many on the left (in the USA at least) have similar allegations piled up against them, but no fuss is made of them. Former President Bill Clinton has numerous rape allegations to his name (many of which resurfaced during the 2016 Presidential elections in the US when his wife Hillary was running for the Democratic nomination), but no outrage, sans the occasional think piece article or two, of which (let’s face it) isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Congressman Keith Ellison has domestic abuse allegations levelled at him by a former girlfriend, but again nothing there. Former congressman Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting and in 2017, had to register as a sex offender, but then again, no crying from the left. The cruel irony being for the #MeToo movement and its attacks on alleged sexual attacks by conservatives is the fact that more prominent left-wing politicians had to resign from their positions because of their behaviour with Al Franken and Eric Schneiderman both serving as good example of this.

This isn’t saying any of these allegations are true either. Again, this isn’t my point. My point is the hypocrisy of the American left of who while banging the drums for believing survivors and defending women happily sweep such ideals under the rug when one of their own is caught red handed violating them. It is this hypocrisy that is causing more and more to move away from them in the States, all the while showing how terribly polarised the USA has become politically. Columnist Rod Liddle on a recent episode of Question Time explained this perfectly:

But the thing that interests me about it, and particularly this case in America is that the way we’ve become as a society, and that America has become as a society, this polarisation. Basically, if you are in America and don’t like Trump, Kavanaugh is guilty. And if you are in America and you do like Trump, Ford is telling lies.

Liddle, 2018.

It doesn’t bode well for how political or judicial discourse is taken in the future among broader society, especially when sexual misconduct allegations are involved against the powerful.

Meanwhile, this political hypocrisy has spread across the pond too. Brendan Cox, a hero of the British left for so long because of him being married to the late Labour MP Jo Cox and him having been a very open virtue signaller too, was also accused of sexual misconduct, leading him to resign from his charity work. The British left’s response was particularly silence, or to make matters worse, defended Cox. Take for example arch feminist Labour MP Jess Phillips, of who has made a career of screaming bloody murder against perceived sexism, didn’t condemn Cox’s alleged behaviour. On the contrary. While she said that him stepping down from his charity roles was ‘right’, she couldn’t ‘switch off’ her feelings about him, reiterating that she does ‘love’ Cox and feels he is trying to fix his behaviour. LBC radio host James O’Brien also dismissed Cox’s behaviour as ‘gross’ (of which included inappropriate touching of other women and flirting with other women while his wife was still alive too), and used the opportunity to whinge about Trump (his trademark) thereby proving his critics right in
that he wouldn’t condemn the behaviour of those he disagreed with politically that he was trying to dismiss.

Such fury was not spared for right-wing politicians accused in Great Britain of such misconduct mind you, oh no. Instead, prominent Tories like Michael Fallon and Damien Green had to resign from their roles because of such alleged behaviour, despite the former’s behaviour of touching the knee of broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer clearly not being sexual assault (with Brewer admitting no-one was hurt by his behaviour, including her) and the latter’s not being proven. Again, such fire and brimstone is used by the British left to bring down their political opponents in an effort of which is beneficial to them in a way which it wouldn’t be to slam Cox for example.

That isn’t defending having such an attitude towards the allegations against leftie politicians in Great Britain either. That would be hypocritical, especially given how one has unfortunately committed suicide over such allegations. This is to point out both how this stuff is being used for political purposes and how innocent until proven guilty should still remain key here.

I also understand that some may call me a hypocrite for this. This is because I am aware of some of the criticism against my Philip Green article in that people assume I am convicting Green of guilt before a trial or anything like that. I appreciate that. I was in that article (and subsequent petition) saying that Green should have his knighthood removed not because of the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but rather his proven theft of billions from BHS’ pension fund and him trying to censor the press, both actions of which clearly don’t befit someone with a knighthood do they?

But why does this matter one may ask? It is because it is the underpinning of our justice system, of which we undermine at our peril. We shouldn’t become a state whereby mere accusation is enough and people should be believed for stating them. We should wait until the facts come in, otherwise our justice system becomes corrupt and subjective, not objective and blind like Lady Justice is, as she is proudly placed on top of the Old Bailey.

Not to mention the lives it has ruined or ended. The footballer Ched Evans had his career temporarily wrecked while allegations against him led to a prison sentence, whereby he was found innocent of such charges later on. A fratboy house at the University of Virginia were also affected after an accusation against them in a now infamous Rolling Stone column came to light, of which was dropped by police later on. Emma Sulkowicz (better known as Mattress Girl) had accused another student Paul Nungesser of rape, and had received endless plaudits by politicians, her university (of who her mattress where the rape allegedly took place on became her art project) and the left-wing media before it was exposed through Facebook messages that she was a liar, destroying the latter student’s life in the process. Emma is still exhibiting art to this day and was never punished for lying to the authorities. And student Jay Cheshire and the aforementioned Labour politician (the Welsh Assembly member Carl Sergeant) both killed themselves over such allegations, the former of which was found to be false. To make matters even worse, the Crown Prosecution Service had to drop 47 cases relating to sexual misconduct because of a review of which found that evidence had been withheld. It seems that allegations and hearsay are so prevalent that even the elites support it, provided that they get good PR. Makes you sick, doesn’t it?

So yes, it is about time we remember innocent until proven guilty. Not only because it preserves the integrity of our justice system but also because a witch hunt can never replace true justice. Not to mention the worst affected by all of this shall be those actual victims of who may now not be believed because of how widespread this lying has become.

As Conservative MP for North East Somerset Jacob Rees-Mogg has stated:

…it doesn’t advance real victims, because it makes it less likely that the real victim will be believed.

Rees-Mogg, 2018.

Never a truer word said on this subject, and is more relevant than ever.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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