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EXPOSED: NHS Giving Tax You Pay to EU Psychiatrist With Fake Degree

A story that jumped out at me this week was the story of the fake NHS doctor, the story was featured in the Metro, Daily Mail, the Sun and several other news outlets.

According to the Sun article, “Zholia Alemi, 56, falsely claimed she had a degree from New Zealand’s University of Auckland to land the job.”

It has been widely reported, that Zholia Alemi moved to the UK in 1992 from the EU, and then in 1995 she landed a job working as a psychiatrist in the NHS, where she worked for s total of 22 years.

This begs the question as to how many more of these cases do we have in the NHS and the private sector health systems, and elsewhere for that matter? This may go some way to explain how one can go to an NHS facility and receive excellent treatment on one occasion, and diabolical treatment on another occasion.

Zholia Alemi, the Psychiatrist with the fake degree, was only caught after trying to defraud a patient, according to a Court hearing.

After all the havoc and harm this fake doctor caused, not to mention her many years of receiving a tax payer funded salary, the punishment she received was  an equivalent of a slap on the wrist.

Importantly though, how will the NHS tackle not only cases like this one going forward, but, far worse the many cases of nurses and other medical staff buying degrees abroad, which are logged as official qualifications.

In practice the individual has neither attended the institution or qualified in the field, this growing trend globally of allowing individuals to buy qualifications, and then corrupt institutions logging them as official was reported in many news outlets, including the Times earlier this year.

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