Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

EU: ‘Accept Fake Brexit or We Are BANNING Fish ‘n Chips! We Control Your Fishing Waters!’

Ask anyone what symbolises the dish of Britain and it will more often than not be the classic Fish and Chips served with mushy peas and plenty of salt and vinegar.

However in bitter revenge, the European Union has warned the nation that Brexit will stop its people eating fish and chips unless the UK caves to EU demands to fish its waters!

Sabine Weyand, the EU deputy Brexit negotiator, said that a fisheries agreement was “in the best interests of both sides” and claimed that Britain needed EU imports of cod and haddock to keep eating fish and chips.

This madness. They’ve basically said in effect, ‘Accept Fake Brexit or We Are BANNING Fish ‘n Chips! We Control Your Fishing Waters!’ Theresa May had told MPs she “firmly rejected” a demand for access to fisheries in return for a UK-EU trade deal, however many fishing coastal towns do not feel confident in the Prime Minister.

One fisherman told a report that “he wondered how we ever coped before joining the EEC” and went on to mention the damage that the EU had caused to towns such as his up and down the county, wiping out communities.

It is expected that a no deal situation would breathe life back into this billion pound industry if the UK was to gain control of its 200 mile boundary that was given away.

There is growing frustration throughout the UK that Brexit is clearly being betrayed and the country is being sold out in an act that makes a mockery of those who died for our freedom.

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