Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Diane Abbott claims Hard Brexit Will Make UK a Haven for PAEDOS

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has claimed that a no-deal Brexit could make the UK a safe haven for the Mafia and paedophiles.

She said co-operation with the EU including through Europol is “vital to our mutual security and effective policing.”

In a speech to the National Police Chief’s Council, Abbott said: “Put simply, the government’s hard Brexit and its lack of progress on security matters contains a real risk that this country could become a safe haven for the terrorists, the Mafia type criminals, the smugglers and the paedophiles on the run from the EU 27.”

“This is not a prospect either this country or the EU should contemplate.”

“If there is not a new arrangement, we could find ourselves where every major criminal in the EU can evade justice by coming here.”

However, Abbott’s sudden concern about paedophilia is surely hypocritical seeing as her organisation Stand Up To Racism has support of activist Peter Tatchell? He was one the authors of a book The Betrayal of Youth that encouraged rape of kids. Harriet Harman of Labour was a member of the NCCL (rename itself since, as Liberty – hiding its past?), which had links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Sadly, the UK is already a safe haven for paedophiles and organised crime gangs.

Wouldn’t a ‘hard Brexit’ make it easier for our supposed government to pass legislation to keep criminals, such as fake refugees, out in the first place?

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