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CRAZY feminist Green Party Leader DEMANDS female criminals BE LET OFF

In the latest spouting of feminist insanity, Green Party co-leader and London Assembly member Sian Berry has stated that she feels that shorter prison sentences for women should be scrapped in their entirety.

During a debate on the ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain titled ‘Should Shorter Prison Sentences for Women Be Scrapped?’, Berry advocated that such a proposition was a good idea.

Absurdly, one argument she states is that because most women go to prison for crimes such as shoplifting, fraud and drug offences, the sentencing should be scrapped because according to her, such crimes don’t make such women a ‘danger to society’. That’s nice and all, but clearly she hasn’t been the victim of said offences, and to those that have (including myself) can state that such crime is a danger to society.

Shoplifting is a clear violation of someone’s private property and if not stopped can lead to an atmosphere whereby violating such private property is normal and mainstream, not to mention its already major effects on the retail industry in the UK alone, losing it billions of pounds a year.

Fraud has ruined countless lives as it is, and has had more negative repercussions, as they are more likely to be the victims of fraud than other age groups in the UK. Finally, drug crime and trafficking has been linked to much of the ghettoing of society at large, and even various Labour Party representatives have admitted that part of London’s crime problem can be traced to the drugs trade, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Maybe we should enforce the laws against illegal drugs (something the establishment at large has refused to do since prohibiting them back in the 1960s) instead.

Such crimes are indeed harmful to society and therefore create danger to society, hence while the likes of Berry opine in their virtuousness, they are nothing more than champagne socialists basking in the fact that the common riff-raff have to deal with such issues, not them.

Hence why such issues are called petty crime by them, even though (as journalist Peter Hitchens points out), they aren’t petty if they happen to you. To paraphrase what film critic David Thomson said when talking about film director Michael Mann, it is hard to sympathise with criminals when you have been on the receiving end of their behaviour.

Maybe Berry needs to be reminded of that, or reread the excellent Broken Windows theory, of which demonstrates how a society can crumble when any crime is not taken seriously by authorities. She is right about how avoiding the TV license fee shouldn’t be an offence that could send you to prison though, so at least there is some sanity still remaining.

Meanwhile, another inadequate excuse she offers is that because many of the women going to prison are carers, throwing them in prison affects both their mental state and threatens to send their kids into social care. Then again, an easier solution would be for those women (and indeed those men) not to commit crime in the first place.

The various laws we have prohibiting illegal acts are meant to be deterrents against such behaviour, meant to encourage people not to do them. It isn’t meant to throw them in the slammer, but deter them to avoid doing so. Removing this responsibility seems utterly dangerous I feel.

Finally, she advocates that such people need to be allowed to seek help first before going to prison. This sounds absurd given that such people are criminals and should be treated accordingly, not aided by the state when there are those who are actually in need, like homeless people or veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder for example. Again, this sums up this leftie “criminals are the real victims” attitude that has rotted our justice system to the core, and shame on people like Berry for continuing to push it. A champagne socialist to a tee.

Watch the full debate here (if you can stomach it):

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