European Monsters: The Continent's Kalergi Gangsters

British Newspapers in Facebook Jail: Merkel’s Boy to Mentor UK Journos

Some 228 local newspapers folded in Britain between 2005 and 2017. Well Facebook said on Monday it recognised the role it played in how people got their news today and it wanted to do more to support local publishers by donating £4.5 million to train journalists in Britain to support communities that have lost local newspapers and reporters.

Not being enough for Zuckerberg to control Facebook, he wants to control the newspapers too. All well and good to the casual observer, however many who have experienced Facebook “jail” will have a different view after being subject to a 30 day ban for simply expressing an opinion or concern such as mass immigration. One would be forgiven for thinking that George Orwell’s novel 1984 was a user manual, not a novel playing nicely into the Globalist Agenda.

The ‘freedom of press’ must be preserved as the saying goes in a time that is seeing many local papers dying due to the rise in social media.

Recently German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard on a hot mic confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over anti-immigrant posts, amid complaints from her government that the social network isn’t doing enough to curtail what they called ‘racist comments’. In reality many Germans have been angered by her decision to allow in over 1 million fake refugees that has crippled the country to support the Kalergi plan and drive the New World Order.

Germans were correct to be angry at allowing such an irresponsible number to immigrate when UN charter clearly states that refugees should reside in their first country of safety. To claim ‘hate speech’ for simply stating this fact and banning people on Facebook can only mean that Merkel has Zuckerberg by the balls!

I fear that this journalist training will be nothing more than indoctrination similar to what we have seen emanating out of our schools and universities that have produced left-wing journalists from local papers to the BBC. However this could be far worse with the EU controlling British newspapers and feeding the gullible with propaganda in a fashion to what we have seen in the States with the anti-Trump rhetoric that George Soros pushed along with his ‘Best for Britain’ campaign to fight and overturn Brexit.

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